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Moldova v Netherlands in Amsterdam (ENC 1B)


Venue: National Rugby Centre

Referee: E.Soulan (France)

BELGIUM 9 8 0 1 283 136 147 3 1 36
MOLDOVA 8 5 1 2 161 131 30 2 1 25
POLAND 8 5 1 2 193 150 43 2 1 25
CZECH R. 10 4 0 6 160 217 -57 1 3 20
GERMANY 9 3 0 6 189 205 -16 1 4 17
NETH. 8 0 0 8 94 241 -147 0 1 1


The result of this test match is of little consequence. Moldova cannot catch Belgium at the top of the table whilst the Netherlands will be relegated.

The inclusion of Sale Sharks’ Vadim Cobîlaş is a major plus for this Eastern European rugby nation. Playing at home, this side has a great deal to prove after their dismal 7-40 loss to Germany two weeks ago.

The Netherlands have something also to prove. They were humiliated by neighbours Belgium 0-58 back in February. The team were outclassed and looked dispirited. They will certainly be relegated to ENC 2A for 2012-14.

A couple of key players are missing. Bart Vaagurs is out due to injury and top prop Zeno Kieft plays this weekend in La Rochelle. Experienced players Rik Roovers and Caine Elisara return.

Last Five Encounters
30.04.2011 Moldova 22-15 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
17.11.2007 Moldova 15-13 in Amsterdam (ENC 2A)
25.11.2006 Moldova 43-7 in Chisinau (ENC 2A)
21.11.2005 Moldova 30-27 in Chisinau (WCQ Europe R3, Pool A)
04.03.2001 Netherlands 43-12 in Amsterdam

This is the total number of games played between these two teams.

Moldova Last Five
24.03.2012 v Germany L 7-40 in Heidelberg (ENC 1B)
10.03.2012 v Belgium L 16-17 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
26.11.2011 v Czech Republic W 13-7 in Prague (ENC 1B)
12.11.2011 v Poland D 17-17 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
30.04.2011 v Netherlands W 22-15 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)

Netherlands Last Five
25.02.2012 v Belgium L 0-58 in Brussels (ENC 1B)
19.11.2011 v Czech Republic L 10-22 in Prague (ENC 1B)
12.11.2011 v Germany L 7-23 in Hannover (ENC 1B)
30.04.2011 v Moldova L 15-22 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
23.04.2011 v Belgium L 18-30 in Amsterdam (ENC 1B)

Netherlands has lost its last 9 test matches in a row. They have not won a game since promotion to ENC 1B in April 2010. There last win was v Malta (19-0) in April 2010.

The Netherlands record losing sequence is 12, in the years 2000-2003.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Moldova 16th, Netherlands 22nd

IRB Ranking Points
Moldova 52.52, Netherlands 47.10

Prediction: A greatly improved Moldovan side too good for the Netherlands, to win by 28 points.



Alexandru Baltag (USEFS Blumarine)

Alexandru Bulgac  (Agrouniveritet, Russia)

Nicolae Caburgan (USEFS Blumarine)

Sergiu Castraveţ (USEFS Blumarine)

Ion Cavcaliuc (LIMPS,Chişinău)

Eugen Chicu (USEFS Blumarine)

Nicolae Chirilă (Imperia Penza, Russia)

Vadim Cobîlaş (Sale Sharks, England) 
Maxim Cobîlaş (VVA-Podmoskovye, Russia)

Alexandru Colţ (Agrouniveritet, Russia)

Alexandru Găgăuz (Agrouniveritet, Russia)

Ştefan Leca (USEFS Blumarine)

Victor Leon (Dinamo Bucureşti, Romania)

Veacelav Lozinschi (USEFS Blumarine)

Andrei Mahu (Sporting-ASEM Chişinău)

Octavian Manoli (UTM, Chisinau)

Andrei Mâţăblândă (USEFS Blumarine)

Oleg Perpeliţă (Krasny Yar, Russia)

Andrei  Romanov (VVA-Podmoskovye, Russia)

Veaceslav Titică (Krasny Yar, Russia)

Dumitru Vasilachi (USEFS Blumarine)

Gheorghe Voloşciuc (USEFS Blumarine)

Head Coach: Alexandru Siscan



15   Leon Koenen LRC DIOK, Leiden 
14   Kees Beentjes Castricumse RC 
13   Robert Van der Velden Castricumse RC 
12   Fedde Lingsma RC Hilversum 
11   Diede Brekelmans RC The Dukes’s Hertogenbosch 
10   Richard Van den Broek (Capt.) RC The Dukes’s Hertogenbosch 
9   Rik Roovers RC Hilversum 
8   Caine Elisara RC Heidelberg, Germany
7   Thomas Altink LRC DIOK, Leiden 
6   Jordan Bonhof LRC DIOK, Leiden 
5   Maurice Stahlecker RC Hilversum 
4   Jeroen Alma RC Hilversum 
3   Rob Rijnholt  RC Hilversum 
2   Roy Schermer  Castricumse RC 
1   Floris Kieft  Haagsche RC
16   Michel Kuijper Utrechtse RC 
17   Michael Rommers RC The Dukes’s Hertogenbosch 
18   Lodewijk Gielens Utrechtse RC 
19   Dirk Danen RC Hilversum 
20   Jeroen Fluiter RC Hilversum 
21   Thomas Mooy Haagsche RC
22   TBC  
    HEAD COACH: Alex Chang

Alma and Rommers are new capsAdapted from

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