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Israel v Hungary in Ezstergom (ENC 2C)


Venue: Vasas Stadionban (Vitézek Suzuki Rugby SE),

Referee: Ramunas Grumbinas (Lithuania)

Israel is the lead team in this competition. They have won their last three games, last losing, to Denmark, back in May last year. One of the wins was a crucial 28-26 against Austria away. That result may well tilt the balance in this competition.

Israel is a team that doesn’t travel well. The security around this team is tight even within Israel. Travelling away creates more stress that for other teams. The situation is further complicated by the withdrawal of their usual captain Nimrod Kaplan.This will be his first game that he misses over the last 3 years.

Hungary has had a lean time of recent. They have lost their last two games and are well out of contention for promotion. If fact unless they can gain a win or at least some bonus points in the remaining games they could be relegated if Norway springs a few surprises and wins.

I expect Israel to win but Hungary will give them some anxious moments.

ISRAEL 6 5 0 1 126 92 34 1 0 21
DENMARK 6 4 1 1 127 94 33 0 1 19
AUSTRIA 6 3 0 3 129 102 27 1 2 15
HUNGARY 6 2 0 4 97 124 4 0 2 10
NORWAY 5 0 1 4 36 93 -57 0 1 3

Previous Encounters
30.10.2010 Israel 23-14 in Netanya (ENC 2C)
25.05.2002 Hungary 39-24 in Budapest (FIRA B, Pool B)
30.05.1993 Israel 67-8 in Budapest (WCQ Europe, Central, Round A)

Israel Last Five
22.10.2011 v Austria W 28-26 in Vienna (ENC 2C)
29.10.2011 v Norway W 27-11 in Netanya (ENC 2C)
14.05.2011 v Norway W 15-13 in Oslo (ENC 2C)
07.05.2011 v Denmark L 19-27 in Odense (ENC 2C)
09.04.2011 v Austria W 20-9 in Netanya (ENC 2C)

Hungary Last Five
05.11.2011 v Austria L 7-38 in Vienna (ENC 2C)
29.10.2011 v Denmark L 13-21 in Kecskemet (ENC 2C)
04.06.2010 v Norway W 21-5 in Budapest (ENC 2C)
23.04.2011 V Croatia L 12-31 (Friendly)
06.11.2010 v Denmark L 20-21 in Odense (ENC 2C)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Hungary 31st, Israel 32nd

IRB Ranking Points
Israel 42.02, Hungary 37.50

Prediction: Israel by 3 points



Israel Squad

1.Daniel Palma
2.Omri Lotan
3.Matan Brosh
4.Yonatan Shaki
5.Yonatan Kaplan
6.Julien Maffi (Captain)
7.Guy Dotan
8.Michael Eli
9.Itamar Harpaz
10.Amir Beutler
11.Fabian Maguid
12.Gilad Goldstein
13.Amit Kakoun
14.Adrian Rainstein
15.Ronen Tollman
16.Oren Alt
17.Nathan Amos
18.Oren Brodhurst
19.Mijael Bielak
20.Eitan Humphreys
21.Mordechay Radashkovich
22.Omer Mendelson-Halfi

Thank you to ‘rugbyas’ at

From it would appear that Nathan Amos plays in Germany and Eitan Humphreys in UK.


Hungary Squad as yet not available

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