Saturday, April 7, 2012


Cayman Islands v Jamaica in Kingston (WCQ Americas-NACRA R1)


Referee: Keith Hodgkins, (Bermuda)

Cayman Islands accounted for Jamaica in last year’s Caribbean Championship. Jamaica has the advantage of having already played a test match this year (against Mexico 2 weeks ago) and also the home ground advantage. I expect Caymans to have the edge over the local team.

Previous Encounters
16.04.2011 Cayman Is 36-24 in Grand Cayman (Caribbean Champ., North R1)
26.04.2008 Cayman Is 11-10 in Grand Cayman (NAWRA B, Shield Final)
08.06.2005 Cayman Is 18-8 in Nassau (WCQ Americas, Caribbean, North)
28.02.2004 Cayman Is 41-14 in Grand Cayman (Mayfair Cup)
08.11.2002 Cayman Is 32-27 in Montego Bay (Mayfair Cup)

Jamaica has never defeated Cayman Islands, the first game being in 2001.

Last Year at Caribbean Championship

Cayman Islands
16.04.2011 v Jamaica in Grand Cayman W 36-24, North R1
15.05.2011 v Mexico in Mexico City L 20-34, North R2 (eliminated)

16.04.2011 v Cayman Islands in Grand Cayman L 24-36, North R1 (eliminated)

Jamaica lost 14-68 to Mexico two weeks ago in Mexico City in the opening games of this competition and of the 2015 Rugby World Cup qualifying games.

GWC Rugby Rankings
NACRA Table-Cayman Islands 9th, Jamaica 10th

IRB Ranking Points
Cayman Islands 41.23, Jamaica 35.84

Prediction: Cayman Islands by 10 points




15   Joel Clark  
14   Christopher Bunce  
13   Venasio Tokatokavanua  
12   Jon Murphy  
11   Robert Cribb  
10   Morgan Hayward  
9   Ross Connerton  
8   Joshua Clark  
7   Shaun Gerard  
6   Phillip Fourie  
5   Yohann Regnard  
4   Daniel Bond  
3   Mark Stabler  
2   Michael Kehoe  
1   Benjamin McDonald (Capt.)  
16   JS de Jager  
17   Paul Parker  
18   Douglas Anderson  
19   Benjamin Blair  
20   Alexander Pineau  
21   James Waters  
22   Barnaby Richardson  
    HEAD COACH: Bradley Cowdroy

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  1. Cayman Islands 18-19 Jamaica
    Match Summary:
    1st minute JAM 10 Nicholas Pusey -Try 0-5
    1st minute JAM 14 Ryan Grant -Conversion 0-7
    8th minute JAM 14 Ryan Grant -Penalty 0-10
    20th minute CAY 13 Venasio Tokatokauanua -Try 5-10
    20th minute CAY 10 Morgan Haywood -Conversion 7-10
    23rd minute JAM 14 Ryan Grant -Penalty 7-13
    32nd minute CAY 10 Morgan Haywood -Penalty 10-13
    33rd minute CAY 15 Joel Clark -Blood Off
    33rd minute CAY 19 Alex Pineau -Blood On

    43rd minute CAY 19 Alex Pineau -Blood Off
    43rd minute CAY 15 Joel Clark -Blood On
    44th minute CAY 15 Joel Clark -Sub Off
    44th minute CAY 21 James Waters -Sub On
    44th minute CAY 3 Mark Stabler -Sub Off
    44th minute CAY 17 Paul Parker -Sub On
    46th minute CAY 7 Shaun Gerard -Sub Off
    46th minute CAY 20 Ben Blair -Sub On
    49th minute CAY 2 Mick Kehoe -Sub Off
    49th minute CAY 16 JS de Jager -Sub On
    53rd minute CAY 20 Ben Blair -Try 15-13
    55th minute JAM 3 Dervan Balfour -Sub Off
    55th minute JAM 16 Romain Campbell -Sub On
    60th minute JAM 14 Ryan Grant -Penalty 15-16
    60th minute CAY 5 Yohann Regnard -Sub Off
    60th minute CAY 18 Doug Anderson -Sub On
    65th minute JAM 9 Andrew Hylton -Sub Off
    65th minute JAM 20 Hubert Thomas -Sub On
    70th minute JAM 7 Chrisdan Grayson -Sub Off
    70th minute JAM 18 Alexandro Allen -Sub On
    70th minute JAM 8 Carlyle Burger -Sub Off
    70th minute JAM 22 Claude Yen -Sub On
    70th minute CAY 6 Phil Fourie -Sub Off
    70th minute CAY 19 Alex Pineau -Sub On
    74th minute CAY 10 Morgan Haywood -Penalty 18-16
    80th minute JAM 14 Ryan Grant -Penalty 18-19

    JAM: 19
    Try: Nicholas Pusey
    Con: Ryan Grant
    Pen: Ryan Grant (4)

    CAY: 18
    Try: Venasio Tokatokauanua, Ben Blair
    Con: Morgan Haywood
    Pen: Morgan Haywood (2)

  2. Lineups:
    1 Sandino Hastings
    2 Omar Jones
    3 Dervan Balfour
    4 Kemar Catwell
    5 Edgar Herbine
    6 Tyrone Rowe
    7 Chrisdan Grayson
    8 Carlyle Burger
    9 Andrew Hylton
    10 Nicholas Pusey
    11 Ronaldo Wade
    12 Everton Richards
    13 Donald Walters
    14 Ryan Grant
    15 Joseph Shea
    16 Romain Campbell
    17 Robert Johnson
    18 Alexandro Allen
    19 Mohenjo Thompson
    20 Hubert Thomas
    21 Kenneth Walker
    22 Claude Yen

    Team Manager: Lori Roach
    Team Coach: Conroy O'Mally

    Cayman Islands:
    1 Ben McDonald
    2 Mick Kehoe
    3 Mark Stabler
    4 Dan Rond
    5 Yohann Regnard
    6 Phil Fourie
    7 Shaun Gerard
    8 Josh Clarke
    9 Ross Connerton
    10 Morgan Haywood
    11 Robbie Cribb
    12 Jon Murphy
    13 Venasio Tokatoauanua
    14 Chris Bunce
    15 Joel Clarke
    16 JS De Jager
    17 Paul Parker
    18 Doug Anderson
    19 Alex Pineau
    20 Ben Blair
    21 James Waters
    22 Barnaby Richardson

    Team Manager: Kevin Kennedy
    Team Coach: Richard Adams

    Gary, send me an email ( and I'll send you the match sheet that I received from this match.