Saturday, April 7, 2012


St Vincent & Grenadines v Barbados in Kingstown (WCQ NACRA Round 1, South)



In last years Caribbean Championship the results below show that Barbados progressed a lot further that St Vincent. Barbados, in the tough round 3, lost to eventual winner Guyana 7-20 and also lost to Trinidad Tobago. I would expect Barbados to win comfortably.

Results at 2011 Caribbean Championship

St Vincent Grenadines
09.04.2011 v British Virgin Islands in Kingstown L 13-25
This result eliminated St Vincent & Grenadines

16.04.2011 v St Lucia in Bridgetown W 31-12, South R1
20.04.2011 v British Virgin Islands in Tortola W 19-13, South R2
21.05.2011 v Trinidad Tobago in Bridgetown L 10-17, South R3
11.06.2011 v Guyana in Georgetown L 7-20, South R3

Previous Encounters
This is the first time these two nations have played international 15’s test rugby.

GWC Rugby Rankings
NACRA Table-Barbados 6th, St Vincent & Grenadines 13th

IRB Ranking Points
St Vincent Grenadines 39.30, Barbados 39.13

Prediction: Barbados by 22 points




15 Hollis Green
14 Leonard Matthews
13 Guy Hadley
12 Dugal James
11 Godfrey Matthews
10 Ricardo Dallaway
9 Delroy Diamond
8 Phillip Alvis
7 Seymour Browne
6 Ronald James
5 Gilan Comes
4 Kimron Barnum
3 Joseph Hepburn
2 Justin Tittle
1 Anthony Joseph

Provisional Replacements
Shoji Cornelius
Justin Jogles
Kemi Francois
Chaz ?
Kenroy Thomas
Kevin Bailey
Odonza Dennie
Stephan Hornsey

Thanks to Jacqueline De Freitas, St Vincent & Grenadines RFU
‘Tentative starting 15’




Stephan Atwell
Keane Blackman
Nico Blunt
Kevin Carter
Kofi Chase
Jeren Clark
Kevin Cobham
Ricardo Dario
Ramon Downes
Dwight Forde (Capt)
Neil Forde
Jamar Harwood
Nicholas Jackman
Andrew Kenneth
Holder Mario
Romeo Mayers
Stephan Miller
Gregory Mosley-Clarke
Romel Moore
Kevyn Murel
Daniel Ramsey
Che Springer
Sean Ward

Thanks to George Nicholson, President, Barbados RFU
‘Please see the provisional squad attached. The team would be announced later today, with confirmation of the captain and starting lineup’.


  1. SVG 3-34 Barbados
    5th minute BAR 6 Dwight Forde -Try 0-5
    16th minute BAR 6 Dwight Forde -Try 0-10
    25th minute SVG 4 Kimron Barnum -Sub Off
    25th minute SVG 17 Justin Jogles -Sub On
    27th minute BAR 13 Sean Ward -Try 0-15
    28th minute BAR 11 Kevin Carter -Conversion 0-17
    33rd minute BAR 8 Stephen Millar -Try 0-22

    46th minute BAR 5 Che Springer -Try 0-27
    47th minute SVG 2 Kemi Francois -Sub Off
    47th minute SVG 16 Shoji Cornelius -Sub On
    47th minute SVG 5 Gilan Comes -Sub Off
    47th minute SVG 22 Ronald James -Sub On
    51st minute SVG 1 Lenny Joe Hepburn -Sub Off
    51st minute SVG 18 Kevin Bailey -Sub On
    57th minute SVG 10 Recardo Dellaway -Penalty 3-27
    58th minute BAR 2 Jeren Clarke -Sub Off
    58th minute BAR 17 Gregg Moseley-Clarke -Sub On
    59th minute SVG 9 Delroy Diamond -Sub Off
    59th minute SVG 21 Chaz Rawlins -Sub On
    61st minute BAR 6 Dwight Forde -Try 3-32
    62nd minute BAR 11 Kevin Carter -Conversion 3-34
    62nd minute BAR 3 Romel Moore -Sub Off
    62nd minute BAR 16 Romeo James Mayers -Sub On
    64th minute SVG 8 Phillip Alvis -Sub Off
    64th minute SVG 19 Kemron Omri Thomas -Sub On
    65th minute BAR 9 Nico Blunt -Sub Off
    65th minute BAR 20 Stephen Atwell -Sub On
    72nd minute BAR 8 Stephen Millar -Sub Off
    72nd minute BAR 19 Daniel Ramsay -Sub On
    72nd minute BAR 5 Che Springer -Sub Off
    72nd minute BAR 18 Kean Blackman -Sub On
    72nd minute BAR 14 Ramoun Downes -Sub Off
    72nd minute BAR 21 Kevin Cobham -Sub On

    SVG: 3
    Pen: Recardo Dellaway

    BAR: 34
    Try: Dwight Forde (3), Sean Ward, Stephen Millar, Che Springer
    Con: Kevin Carter (2)

  2. Lineups:
    1 Lenny Joe Hepburn
    2 Kemi Francois
    3 Antoney Joseph
    4 Kimron Barnum
    5 Gilan Comes
    6 Godfrey Matthews
    7 Justin Tittle
    8 Phillip Alvis
    9 Delroy Diamond
    10 Recardo Dellaway (C)
    11 Seymour Browne
    12 Dugal James
    13 Guy Hadley
    14 Leonard Matthews
    15 Odanza Dennie
    16 Shoji Cornelius
    17 Justin Jogles
    18 Kevin Bailey
    19 Kemron Omri Thomas
    20 Gary Archibald
    21 Chaz Rawlins
    22 Ronald James

    Team Manager: Jacqui de Freitas
    Team Coach: Phillip Alvis

    1 Neil Forde
    2 Jeren Clarke
    3 Romel Moore
    4 Kevyn Murrell
    5 Che Springer
    6 Dwight Forde (C)
    7 Mario Holder
    8 Stephen Millar
    9 Nico Blunt
    10 Koft Chase
    11 Kevin Carter
    12 Nicholas Jackman
    13 Sean Ward
    14 Ramoun Downes
    15 Dario Stoute
    16 Romeo James Mayers
    17 Gregg Moseley-Clarke
    18 Kean Blackman
    19 Daniel Ramsay
    20 Stephen Atwell
    21 Kevin Cobham
    22 Kenneth Payne

    Team Manager: Martin Varga
    Team Coach: Dennis Hargreaves

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