Sunday, April 29, 2012


Turkey v Slovakia in Bratislava (Friendly)



It is a grand occasion when a nation first steps into the international test rugby scene. Today Turkey will begin their great adventure. They will play another rugby test match on 12 May against Estonia. Both Estonia and Turkey will be looking to gain full admission to FIRA-AER and begin playing in the European Nations Cup competition.

Rugby has been established in Turkey for some time. They have a healthy 13 team club competition, divided into two divisions.

Slovakia is itself a relative newcomer to the international test rugby scene. Their main local club, RC Slovan Bratislava, competes in the Czech Republic club competition. At present they are doing well in the middle of the top league. A number of the Slovakian squad play for Czech teams in the club competition.

Slovakia played their first rugby test match in 2006 and now competes in European Nations Cup Division 3. That competition has concluded. It took place in Bosnia Herzegovina in October last year where Slovakia lost in the only test (Azerbaijan pulling out) 15-48.

Looking at the makeup of both sides Turkey has been able to call upon a number of players based in France and England. They have lost key lock forward Nejmi Kara but I feel Turkey will just that much more speed and finish than the Slovakians.

Prediction: Turkey by 12 points


Slovakia Squad
Štefl Martin (RC PRAGA CZ) , Klimiashvili Giorgi (RC Slovan), Mihálik Michal (RC Slovan), Grunner Patrik (RC Slovan) , Vereš Ludovít (RC Slovan), Mihalka Martin (RC Slovan), Gregorovic Boris (RC Spartak) , Capkovic Ladislav (RC Spartak), Pfeifer Ján (RC Praga), Rabara Andrej (RC Slovan), Mihálik Martin (RC Slovan), Fric Michal (RC

Daniel Puha (RC Slovan), Kucera Michal (RC Slovan), Hybben Branislav (RC Slovan), Loch Patrik (RC Ravens Košice), Fišer Jozef (RC Praga CZ), Janžo Martin (RC Slovan), Kozubík Peter (RC Fialka Radek (RC Vyškov CZ), Želinský Tomáš (RC Ravens Košice), Kozubík Pavol (RC, Mana Marcel (RC Olomouc CZ)


15   Tamer James  Wessex RFC, England
14   Erkut Durmuş  Heidelberger RK, Germany
13   Abdullah Güneş  METU
12   Kerim Galal  SC Germania, Germany
11   Adem Selim  Samsung RK
10   Ali Sürer  TB Rohrbach/Boxberg, Germany 
9   Rama Kılıçkaya Vichy, France
8   Deniz Krom  Kadıköy RK - Istanbul
7   Melik Kuzucu (Capt.) Orleans, France
6   Ertuğrul Günday  METU
5   Attila Demir Puy Guillame, France
4   Mehmet Akif Ersoy  Trakya Üniversitesi Ragbi - Edirne
3   Hüseyin Şaşmaz  Oyonnax, France
2   Bahri Dağlı  Goussainville-Gonesse, France
1   Gökhan Ceylan Pontarlier, France
16   Dinçhan Kilercioğlu METU
17   Yavuz Kocaer  Samsung RK
18   Doğu Eroğlu  Mutzig, France
19   Kemal Ege Gürkan METU
20   Selçuk Kozlu Samsung RK
21   Murat Altun Mutzig, France
22   Koray Kaya Samsung RK
    COACH: Niall Doherty


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