Thursday, April 5, 2012


United Arab Emirates v Tunisia in Tunis (Friendly)

Venue: National Rugby Stadium, Elmenzah


The United Arab Emirates will play their first test of the season against Tunisia in Tunis. In addition the side will play the UAE Barbarians on Friday 13 April.

The UAE will participate in the Asia Five Nations tournament for 2012. This is the premier division of Asian rugby. Their fixtures in this tournament will be..
27 April v Hong Kong in Dubai
5 May v Japan in Japan
11 May v Kazakhstan in Dubai
26 May v Korea in Korea

This is the first time these two teams have met. Arabian Gulf, the former union of the area, played Tunisia in 2010 in Tunis, losing 22-25.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Tunisia does not rank on the world table whereas UAE does.

Tunisia appears on the IRB rankings but UAE does not due to the fact they have yet to play 10 test matches.

Prediction: Tunisia by 20 points





15   Joel Pikari  Abu Dhabi Harlequins
14   Sean Hurley  Dubai Dragons
13   Imad Reyal  Dubai Exiles
12   Andrew Russell Dubai Dragons
11   Mohammed Alsulaiman  Dubai Wasps
10   Murray Strang  Abu Dhabi Harlequins
9   Patrick Hegarty  Abu Dhabi Harlequins
8   Brett Williams  Dubai Exiles
7   Samuel Cook Abu Dhabi Harlequins
6   Alistair Thompson (Capt.) Abu Dhabi Harlequins
5   Simon Osborne  Dubai Hurricanes
4   Gregory Thompson  Dubai Hurricanes
3   Daniel Boatwright Dubai Hurricanes
2   Jonathan Greenwood  Sharjah Wanderers
1   Graham Murphy  Abu Dhabi Harlequins
16   Charles Lilley  Abu Dhabi Harlequins
17   Christopher Jones-Griffiths  Abu Dhabi Harlequins
18   Tristan Barnett  Dubai Hurricanes
19   Mohammad Hassan  Dubai Wasps
20   Abdulla Alnuaimi  Dubai Wasps
21   John Fawls  Dubai Exiles
22   Steve Smith  Dubai Hurricanes
    HEAD COACH: Duncan Hall

Ten new caps
Murray Strang, Patrick Hegarty, Joel Pakari, Charles Lilley, Jonathan Greenwood, Brett Williams, Mohammed Alsuaiman, Andrew Russell, and from the bench Tristan Barrett, Abdulla Alnuaimi.



Tunisian squad not yet available.

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