Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Test Rugby This Weekend 6 June

England v Argentina in Manchester
United States v Wales in Bridgeview, Illinois
Canada v Georgia in Ottawa (Churchill Cup, Pool A)
Argentina 'A' v England Saxons in Ottawa (Church.Cup, Pool B)-Non Test
Lithuania v Netherlands in Vilnius (WCQ Euro.R3 Playoff)
Winner v Winner and Loser v Loser from Kuala Lumper
Kyrgystan v Uzbekistan in Tashkent (Asia Regions 2)
Jordan v Beit Jala Lions RFC (Palestine) (Friendly)

What a rich and varied world of rugby we have nowadays. We now have test rugby from the land of its origin, England, through to the wild steppes of Asia, Tashkent.

Speaking of England we have the unusual sight of a test match in the middle of England in summer. Some may say it ain't cricket and cricket it certainly isn't. Cricket fans arriving at Old Trafford in Manchester will find themselves watching a test match between England and Argentina in what looks like a deliberate move to uniform the season of the playing of the game at the international level. Lets hope Argentina place a stronger side on the paddock from the won that lost to South Africa and Italy this time last year.

Wales ends its North American tour with a test against the USA whilst just up the road in Canada the Churchill Cup gets underway. Followers of the game in Georgia will be watching their team keenly as they enter this competition for the first time.

In Europe the final World Cup qualifier for 2009 will be played in Vilnius. The so far undefeated Lithuanians face a huge hurdle in the form of Netherlands who seem to be working their way back up to the top level of European rugby. The winner will play the winner of ENC Division 2A next year.

Kuala Lumpur hosts the 2009 Asia Nations Division 2 tournament. Malaysia, as host nation, will do battle with China, Pakistan and India. China, the only new team, were relegated from Division 1 last year as they failed to turn up for that tournament amid controversy. It will be interesting to see if Pakistan can improve on their 92-0 thrashing at the hands of India in last years tournament. There may even be a new Division 3 next year so last place here in Kuala Lumpur could mean relegation.

Asia Regions Tournament No.2 kicks off in Tashkent involving Uzbekistan, the team I can't spell Kyrgyzstan, and newcomer to the international scene, Jordan. Jordan begins its international career by playing a Palestinain club today in Amman.

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