Thursday, June 11, 2009

Test Matches: IRB Nations Cup Starts

Uruguay v Romania in Bucharest

Romania appears to have started a new era by including a number of France-based players who have not played test rugby, or very little, since the 2007 Rugby World Cup. This is a change in policy with the heralding in of a new President of the union and a new coach.

Uruguay arrived with their usual mix of youth and experience. It's good to see some of their overseas-based players available.

Last year's test between these two nations was a very close affair. I expect Romania, with the inclusion of many very experienced players, to be too strong for the visitors.

Previous Encounter
11.06.2008 Romania 10-6 in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)

GWC Rugby Rankings: World Table-Romania 19th, Uruguay 23rd

Prediction: Romania by 16 points.


Romania Squad
Mihai Adăscăliţei (Dinamo Bucharest) age 25, 2 tests
Petru Bălan (Dax, France) 32, 53 #
Valentin Calafeteanu (Dinamo Bucharest) 23, 20
Daniel Carpo (RCJ Farul Constanţa) 24, 9
Ştefan Ciuntu (Dinamo Bucarest) 22, 12
Alin Coste (Narbonne, France) 20, 8
Robert Dascălu (Steaua Bucarest) 24, 18
Dragoş Dima (Orthez, France) 29, 25 @
Ionuţ Dimofte (CSM Baia Mare) 23, 30
Iulian Dumitraş (Pau, France) 23, 33
Dan Dumitru (Oyonax, France) 26
Cătălin Fercu (Steaua Bucarest) 21, 25
Csaba Gal Dinamo Bucarest) 23, 14
Alexandru Manta (Brive,France) 31, 25
Răzvan Mavrodin (Tarbes, France) 34, 47 ^
Cătălin Nicolae (Farul Constanţa) 28, 6
Ion Paulică (London Irish, England) 25, 33
Cristian Petre (Beziers, France) 28, 60
Augustin Petrichei (Beziers, France) 28, 17 #
Cezar Popescu (Agen, France) 31, 31 ^
Vasile Rus (CSA Steaua Bucharest) 25, 3 *
Lucian Sirbu (Beziers, France) 31, 51 ^
Sorin Socol (Pau, France) 30, 42 ^ (as captain)
Marius Tincu (Perpignan, France) 30, 32 *
Ovidiu Toniţa (Perpignan, France) 28, 42 ^
Alexandru Tudori (Dinamo Bucharest) 29, 30
Florin Vlaicu (Steaua Bucarest) 22, 20
Head Coach:

* Last played for Romania 2007-08
^ Last played for Romania at 2007 Rugby World Cup
# Last played for Romania 2006-07
@ Last played for Romania 2005-06

Răzvan Mavrodin (Tarbes) - also assistant coach for the forwards
Marius Tincu (Perpignan) - he will not play in the first match (his last game was Saturday in the TOP14 final)
And data from http://www.rugbyinternational/ database

Uruguay team not available at present

More reviews later for Scotland 'A' v Russia, and Italy 'A' v France 'A'

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