Thursday, June 11, 2009

Test Rugby Result: A first for Mongolia

Kyrgyzstan 38, Mongolia 21 in Tashkent (Asia Regions 2)

My supposed itinerary for this tournament has been shot down in flames. Mongolia played its first ever test match against Kyrgyzstan and lost by a respectable 21-38. The IRB website states that the final on Saturday will be between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan which leaves me pndering..what happened to Jordan?

"Also notable is that Wednesday's match was the first full 15-aside international Test match refereed by Gabriel Lee Wing Yi, Asia’s number one ranked female referee and the first ever Asian Rugby Football Union men’s Test match to be refereed by a female match official."

"Lee had her work cut out in her first Test as an entertaining match was disfigured by the awarding of six yellow cards for a variety of infringements. "

Six yellow cards must be some kind of a record. Still it's good to see women referees officiating at mens rugby tests. I can't recall other women refereeing mens rugby tests.


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