Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Test Rugby Coming Up 9-10 June

Mongolia v Uzbekistan in Tashkent (Asia Regions 2)
Jordan v Kyrgyzstan in Tashkent (Asia Regions 2)

Canada v Ireland 'A' in Denver (Churchill Cup, Pool A) Non-test
United States v Argentina 'A' in Denver (Churchill Cup, Pool B)

Mongolia and Jordan play their first international test rugby matches in Tashkent. The winner from this tournament will most likely be promoted to a new Asia Nations Division 4 in 2010.

In keeping with its test match policy from the past I expect Canada will not be awarding test caps for this match, important though it may be.

The Canadians got their tournament off to a good start with a convincing 42-10 over a Georgian side missing key players. They will find the Irish tougher. Only three weeks ago Canada lost to the full Irish side 6-25.

In the other Churchill Cup game the USA takes on Argentina 'A'. The USA Eagles will have had to have pulled up well from their heavy loss to Wales on Saturday to be competitive. They will the Jaguars just as tough as the Welsh.

Uzbekistan by 20 v Mongolia
Kygyzstan by 30 v Jordan
Ireland 'A' by 3 v Canada
Argentina 'A' by 15 v USA


  1. I would imagine that the top two from this region and the top two from region one would form the D4 next year. Perhaps the bottom two, Cambodia, and any new team (Qatar? Macao?) will be the D5.

    I wouldn't say that Canada lost to a full Ireland side the other week. I suspect that who they faced is probably fairly similar to those who have shown up in Colorado.

  2. Hi Alan. I can't be 100% sure about Asia Nations Div.4 2010, but in the past Asia RU has only developed one new division per year and (I think I read it somewhere)they also invite teams depending on standards reached (also facilities and ability for a nation to stage an international rugby match).

    About the two nations per regional from this year that would make sense. So going on results/form I'm suggesting that Asia Nations Div.4 for 2010 could be-Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos and Brunei. Hopefull the economic situation won't affect these plans.

  3. "Eleven players that took part in Ireland’s recent tour of North America have remained to compete in the competition"

    From IRB web site so you are fairly close to the mark re Ireland 'A'.