Friday, June 5, 2009

Rugby Match: Asia Div.2 Final

China v Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur (Asia Nations Div.2; Final)

China made a slow start to this tournament with a laboured win over Pakistan in heat after arriving late the night before. China were expected to be a force in Asia Nations Div.1 last year but under controversial circumstances did not show and were relegated. I expect them to be too much for the Malaysians

Previous Encounters
05.11.2007 China 56-6 in Colombo (Asiad Cup)
09.06.2007 China 52-23 in Beijing (Asia Nations Div.3)
25.10.1998 Malaysia 32-25 in Singapore (Asia Champ, Sect.B, G1)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Asia Table-China 9th, Malaysia 11th

Prediction: China too strong, to win by 40 points.

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