Friday, June 5, 2009

Rugby Test: Lithuania's Big Test

Netherlands v Lithuania in Vilnius (WCQ Euro.R3 Playoff)

This is the biggest game that Lithuania will have played to date. As winner of the Round 2 playoff against Israel (19-3) Lithuania now face the might of Netherlands rugby. The Dutch arrived at the top of European Nations Cup Division 2B (ENC 2B) at the halfway stage and thus play the leader of ENC 3A for this World Cup showdown.

Netherlands will be favourites but few would be shocked if Lithuania won. Calling upon players from a small club base with few overseas-based players, Lithuania has built up their strength with an experienced and tough bunch of forwards with a quick strong backline. I love the underdog.

Previous Encounter
14.05.2005 Netherlands 51-11 in Klaipeda (WCQ Euro.R3, Pool C)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Netherlands 18th, Lithuania 21st.

Prediction: My heart is with Lithuania, the Baltic Boys to win by 2 points


15. Bart Viguurs (RC the Dukes)
14. Sep Visser (RC Hilversum)
13. Gerard Viguurs (RC the Dukes)
12. Thomas Hulselmans (RC Hilversum)
11. Bas Cornelisse (RC ’t Gooi)
10. Anton Werth (RC ’t Gooi)
9. Jay-Jay Boske (RC Hilversum)
8. Jason Knox (RC 't Gooi)
7. Chappy Van Vliet (Marseille Vitrolls RC, France
6. Tjebbe Jehee (LRC DIOK)
5. Boudewijn de Rouw (RC the Dukes)
4. Koen Buseman (Haagsche RC)
3. Costin Buburuzan (RC the Dukes)
2. Miquèl van der Cruijsen (RC ’t Gooi)
1. Allard Jonkers, Capt. (RC ‘t Gooi)
16. Merijn Loose (LRC DIOK)
17. Bart-Jan Alting (RC Hilversum)
18. Hendrik-Jan Hogewerf (Castricum RC)
19. Stefan Vos (RC the Dukes)
20. Roy van Leyan (RC ‘t Gooi)
21. Floris van der (URC)
22. Thomas Laauwen (Amsterdamse RC)
Head Coach: Hugues Dispas

Lithuania team not yet available


  1. Lithuania - Netherlands 6:3. As you predicted Lithuania won by 3 points :)

  2. A superb game, with a disciplined Lithuanian team playing mostly on the Netherlands half, however, due to strong defending by the Dutch, Lithuania failed to score a try, making the 1st kick of the match (40mters+) an important one and causing the rest of the game to be very tight.

    Netherlands missed no less then 7 players (playing instead in the 7's tournament) but lithuania missed 4. An allround good performance where the Lithuanian scrumhalf was excellent.

    Quite a crowd, with a good pitch. A very nice saturday afternoon indeed.

  3. Congratulations Lithuania. I do love the underdog to win.

    I would love to have been there.

  4. Big mistake Netherlands-putting your sevens team before your World Cup aspirations, if I read that 7 players played in 7's instead!!

  5. Yes, correct. 7 players were absent due to the 7's tournament.

    I agree that this was a mistake, perhaps even slightly underestimated the Lithuanian National Team. They really are on a roll. Of course, looking with hindsight always gives you the best view..?

    It was a tight game, not the prettiest, but very tense.