Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rugby Test: Jordan Plays warm up match.

Please note I incorrectly advertised this match as Jordan's first test match. Thanks to Laith from the Jordan Rugby Union this has been corrected.

Jordan 94 Beit Jala Lions 0 (Palestine) in Amman (Non-test)

A walkover by the Jordanian team.

Jordan will play a warm-up game when it hosts a visiting Palestine rugby club, the Beit Jala Lions. The lions are based on The West Bank in Palestine. They visited Cyprus in 2008 and lost a club match 0-66. Jordan will play its first ever test when it plays Uzbekistan this coming Saturday

The Jordan Rugby Union became an associate member of the Asia Rugby Union last year. Prior to this their players played for Arabian Gulf. With the planned demise of the AGRFU were are likely to see national teams formed in Lebanon

Ahmad Hamouqa
Feisal Sadoun
Ghaoth Jalajel
Mohammad Almajed
Saleh Fleifel
Laith Jalajel
Maen Mola
Motaz Almajed
Basel Hatoug
Taher Hamdan
Zaid Arabiat
Bidal Alzyadat
Jawdat Bibi
Freih Kawar
Bashar Zreigat
Omar Alassi
Firas Almugrabi
Mohammad Alnajjar
Zaid Zuraiqat
Farah Nushaiwat
Qais Aljbour
Abdullah Abdelameer
Rony Alghadban

The coach is Mr. Duaine Lindsay...


  1. So was the correction in pointing out that this was not a test match, or that Jordan has already made their test debut (or both)?

  2. Hi Alan

    Jordan RFU pointed out to me that their first test match will be at the Asia 2 Tournament and not this match against the club side.

  3. Very cool. And I'm always pleased to see it when the names on the team indicate that it is all (or even mostly) local people, not expats who happened to have lived a few years someplace. Amazed, too, to see a rugby club in the West Bank. With such developments as Lebanon coming on line, the breakup of the Arabian Gulf, and the improvement in places like Pakistan and Kazakhstan, Asian rugby is going to be very interesting in coming years.