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Uruguay v Portugal in Lisbon



Apart from Australia playing two matches in Europe, Uruguay is the only other significant tourist in Europe in November this year. The 2011 Rugby World Cup in September-October usually means a very quiet November.

Uruguay will play two tests, the first being today against Portugal in Lisbon.

‘Los Teros’ will be without a number of key players for this test but they are included in the test squad for Spain next weekend.

Uruguay lost 12-87 to Argentina Jaguars in a pre tour warm-up international.

Portugal are without their foreign-based players; Girao, Bardy, Concalo Uva, Alves, Spachuk, Campergne, Balangue and Murre, who all played regularly last season.

For Portugal 5 players making their test debuts.

Recent history would indicate that Portugal has won well against the South Americans when playing in Lisbon.

Both sides are not at full strength but I would give the edge to Portugal, playing on their home turf.

Previous Encounters
17.03.2007 Uruguay 18-12 in Montevideo (WCQ Repechage Final, 2nd leg)
10.03.2007 Portugal 12-5 in Lisbon (WCQ Repechage Final, 1st leg)
12.11.2005 Portugal 20-6 in Lisbon
06.11.2004 Uruguay 30-3 in Montevideo (Intercontinental Cup)
03.04.1999 Uruguay 33-24 in Lisbon (WCQ Repechage, Rnd 1)

These two teams first met in March 1999, in the first of the World Cup repechage playoffs. Uruguay won 46-9 in Montevideo.

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table-Portugal 22nd, Uruguay 23rd

IRB Ranking Points
Uruguay 60.94, Portugal 60.67

Prediction: Portugal by 4 points



Portugal Squad
Eduardo Acosta (GD Direito) 22 tests
Pedro Cabral (CD University Lisboa) 33
João Correia (GD Direito) 62
Rui D’Orey (GD Direito) 9
Michael Dias (CD University Lisboa) 2
Adérito Esteves (GD Direito) 17
Gonçalo Foro (CD University Lisboa) 29
Duarte Foro (CD University Lisboa) 0
Duarte Gil (CD University Lisboa) 0
João Júnior (CD University Lisboa) 17
José Leal da Costa AEIS Agronomia 0
Francisco P. Magalhães (CD University Lisboa) 3
Diogo Miranda (CF Os Belenenses) 2
Carl Murray (CD University Lisboa) 5
Frederico Oliveira (CD University Lisboa)14
João Paiva (AEIS Agronomia) 0
Rui Rodrigues (AA Coimbra) 3
Pedro Silva CF (Os Belenenses) 26
Bernardo Silveira (CD University Lisboa) 2
Luis Sousa (GD Direito) 1
Veltioven Tavares (CD University Lisboa) 0
Vasco Uva (GD Direito) 72


Uruguay Squad
Matias Arocena (Old Christians)
Arturo Ávalo (Carrasco Polo)
Fernando Bascou (Pucarú-Stade Galuois)
Federico Berchesi (Carrasco Polo)
Felipe Berchesi (Carrasco Polo)
Francisco Bulanti (Trebol)
Alejo Corral (San Isidro Club, Argentina)
Juan De Freitas (Champagnat)
Rodolfo de Mula (Pucarú-Stade Galuois)
Oscar Duran (Carrasco Polo)
Rodrigo Espiga (Old Christians)
Federico Favaro (Old Christians)
Francisco Jimenez (Champagnat)
Nicolás Klappenbach (Champagnat)
Adrain Lewis (Los Cuervos)
Guillermo Lijtenstein (Trebol)
Diego Magno (Montevideo Cricket Club)
Gaston Mieres (Lobos)
Agustín Ormaechea (Carrasco Polo)
Juan Diego Ormaechea (Carrasco Polo)
Alberto Roman (Pucarú-Stade Galuois)
Juan Pedro Rombys (Trebol)
Juan Tabárez (Belgrano, Argentina)
Francisco Vecino (Carrasco Polo)
Santiago Vilaseca (Old Boys)
Head Coach: Sebastian Pineyrua

Below to be added to squad for game v Spain
Santiago Gibernau
Mario Sagaria
Jeronimo Etcheverry
Gaston Ibarburu

The above players not on the original list published 8 Nov. Are they based in Europe?

No Rodrigo Capó Ortega (Castres, France)

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