Saturday, November 5, 2011

EUROPEAN NATIONS CUP: Czech Republic v Belgium

Czech Republic v Belgium in Brussels (ENC 1B)


Venue: Stade Roi Baudouin

Referee: G.Vivarini (Italy)

BELGIUM 5 4 0 1 123 88 35 1 1 18
MOLDOVA 5 4 0 1 115 91 24 2 0 18
POLAND 6 4 0 2 142 125 17 0 1 17
CZECH R. 6 3 0 3 115 119 -4 0 1 13
GERMANY 5 1 0 4 109 117 -8 0 3 7
NETH. 5 0 0 5 74 138 -64 0 1 1

Belgium and Czech Republic are poised to clash in Brussels this weekend. Belgium is joint leader of the competition, along with Moldova, but Czech Republic still have a chance to win this competition.

Belgium is the team to beat. Their first round 21-5 win over nearest rival Moldova pushed them as clear favourites. Poland upset the cart by defeating the Belgians in Gdansk last March.

The Czechs struggled to come to grips with Poland in the first ENC 1B match of the 2011-12 season. This has pushed them further down the table. A win in Brussels is crucial if they stand a chance of promotion.

An interesting recall to the Czech side is 38 year old Jiri Skall who retired from international rugby in 2010 only to be recalled this week to play his 75th test for Czech Republic. This also stands as the record number of test ‘caps’ for a Czech Player.

I expect Belgium to win.

Last Five Encounters
13.11.2010 Belgium 24-12 in Prague (ENC 1B)
03.04.2010 Czech Republic 19-16 in Prague (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
14.03.2009 Drawn 15-15 in Brussels (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
22.09.2001 Czech Republic 46-3 in Prague (FIRA/WCQ Europe R3, Pool A)
15.04.2000 Czech Republic 28-23 in Prague (FIRA C)

Belgium Last Five
23.04.2011 v Netherlands W 30-18 in Amsterdam (ENC 1B)
19.03.2011 v Germany W 28-25 in Brussels (ENC 1B)
12.03.2011 v Poland L 21-28 in Gdansk (ENC 1B)
12.02.2011 v Moldova W 20-5 in Brussels (ENC 1B)
13.11.2010 v Czech Republic W 24-12 in Prague (ENC 1B)

Czech Republic Last Five
15.10.2011 v Poland L 13-20 in NowySacz (ENC 1B)
19.03.2011 v Moldova L 16-24 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
12.03.2011 v Germany W 29-23 in Heidelberg (ENC 1B)
20.11.2010 Netherlands W 25-13 in Amsterdam (ENC 1B)
13.11.2010 v Belgium L 12-24 in Prague (ENC 1B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Belgium 13th, Czech Republic 16th

IRB Ranking Points
Belgium 44.12, Czech Republic 41.12

Prediction: Belgium by 14 points



Belgium Squad
Thibaut André (Soignies)
Neil Andrew (Tournefeuille, France)
Julien Berger (La Rochelle, France)
Bertrand Billi (Soignies)
Thomas Coupe (Boitsfort)
Sep Debacker (Boitsfort)
Christophe Debaty (Tyrosse, France)
Thomas Dienst (Lille, France)
Peter Duchau (Dendermonde)
Denis Eppe (ROC Ottignies)
Carlos Fierro (Rugby Olympique de Grasse, France)
Dirk Haghedooren (Cap d’Agde, France)
Julien Hanchir (Millau, France)
Pierre Hendrickxs (Boitsfort)
Maxime Jadot (Pau, France)
Daniel Janssens (La Roche sur Yon, France)
Simon Marote (Brussels University Club)
Julien Massimi (Saint-Etienne, France)
Nicolas Meeus (Kituro)
Pierre Plasman (Dendermonde)
Hadrien Radelet (Charleroi)
Frédéric Rongé (Kituro)
Bastian Vermeylen (Boitsfort)
Mathieu Verschelden (Saint-Etienne, France)
Norman Wende (Saint-Etienne, France)
Alan Williams (Montluçon, France)
Head Coach: Richard McClintock


Czech Republic
15 Michal Jirman
14 Jan Rudolf
13 Ivane Sulamanidze
12 Petr Okleštěk
11 Michal Schalnger
10 Lukáš Honner
9 Milan Jirman
8 Jiří Černy
7 Karel Nešpor
6 Josef Maňák
5 Tomáš Holovský
4 Radim Backa
3 Pavel Hocke
2 Jiří Skall
1 Lukáš Macháček
16 Michal Průša
17 Zbyněk Šroubek
18 Vojtěch Havel
19 Michal Kulhánek
20 Vakhtang Pailodze
21 Zbyněk Schütz
22 Jakub Fuchs
Head Coach: Martin Kafka

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