Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hungary v Austria in Vienna (ENC 2C)

Venue: Sportclub-Platz

Referee: D.Stiglic (Serbia)

ISRAEL 6 5 0 1 126 92 34 1 0 21
DENMARK 6 4 1 1 127 94 33 0 1 19
HUNGARY 5 2 0 3 90 86 4 0 2 10
AUSTRIA 5 2 0 3 91 95 -4 0 2 10
NORWAY 5 0 1 4 36 93 -57 0 1 3

Whilst neither of these two sides are in any real threat of relegation they both have a lot to do to catch the pacemakers of this Division, Israel and Denmark.

Hungary’s loss 2 weeks ago to Denmark at home was a huge blow to their championship hopes. Playing away is always a disadvantage. They also have the Vienna bogey, never having won their.They will need to put in a huge effort to take this test match.

Austria were also defeated in their last competition game. They lost 26-28 to Israel, also at home. This was against one of the competition leaders but was still a blow to their competition chances.

This will be a very close game.

Last Five Encounters
16.10.2010 Hungary 22-16 in Budapest (ENC 2C)
15.05.2010 Austria 19-17 in Vienna (ENC 3B)
18.04.2009 Hungary 25-13 in Estergom (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3B)
08.06.2008 Austria 9-6 in Vienna (ENC 3B)
21.04.2007 Hungary 27-5 in Dunaujvaros (ENC 3A)

Hungary Last Five
29.10.2011 v Denmark L 13-21 in Kecskemet (ENC 2C)
04.06.2011 v Norway W 21-5 in Budapest (ENC 2C)
23.04.2011 V Croatia L 12-31 (Friendly)
06.11.2010 v Denmark L 20-21 in Odense (ENC 2C)
30.10.2010 v Israel L 14-23 in Netanya (ENC 2C)

Austria Last Five
22.10.2011 v Israel L 26-28 in Vienna (ENC 2C)
14.05.2011 v Denmark W 23-16 in Odense (ENC 2C)
09.04.2011 v Israel L 9-20 in Netanya (ENC 2C)
06.11.2010 v Norway W 15-9 in Vienna (ENC 2C)
16.10.2010 v Hungary L 16-22 in Budapest (ENC 2C)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Hungary 30th, Austria 32nd

IRB Ranking Points
Hungary 38.87, Austria 36.79

Prediction: Austria by 1 point



15 Yvan Wever (RC Donau)
14 Max Navas (RC Donau)
13 David Barry (Munster RFC, Ireland)
12 Michael Kerschbaumer (RC Donau)
11 Nicola Bignotti (Boulogne-Billancourt, France)
10 Rudi Glock, Capt. (RC Donau)
9 Musheg Aslanyan (Vienna Celtic RFC)
8 Constantin Vana (RC Donau)
7 Alexander Krauchenberg (RC Donau)
6 Johannes Dachler (RC Donau)
5 Lukas Kolb (RC Innsbruck)
4 Andreas Gaul (RC Donau)
3 Manuel Polak (RC Donau)
2 Milad Farkhondeh Fal (RC Stade Viennois)
1 Max Müller RC (Innsbruck)
16 Omar El Agrebi (Vienna Celtic RFC)
17 Patrick Maurer (RC Stade Viennois)
18 Gordon Chui (RC Donau)
19 Sebastian Freydell (RC Donau)
20 Marius Johannik (RC Donau)
21 Martin Leidl (RC Wombats)
22 Julian Zöchling (RC Donau)

Adapted from


Hungary Squad
Bence Almási (Kecskeméti ARC)
András Bárdos (Szeged)
Mátyás Bihari (Budapest Exiles)
Róbert Deli (Esztergomi Vitézek) 
Miklós Dobai (Battai Bulldogok) 
Gergő Gáspár (Pécs)
Dániel Gelecsák (Esztergomi Vitézek)
Achiles Gyurcsik (Battai Bulldogok)
Ede Gyenes (Kecskeméti ARC)
Attila Jámbor (Esztergomi Vitézek)
László Janotka (Battai Bulldogok)
Szilárd Jung (Battai Bulldogok)
Mihály Kádár (Kecskeméti ARC)
Jonathán Katona (RC Valence, France)
György Kőműves
Péter Köteles (Kecskeméti ARC)
István Kovács-Goda (Esztergomi Vitézek)
Zoltán Máthé (Battai Bulldogok) 
Krisztián Németh
Tibor Pásztor (Budapest Exiles)
András Prágai (Szeged)
Attila Prakter (Battai Bulldogok)
Attila Réfi (Kecskeméti ARC)
Károly Suiogan (Esztergomi Vitézek)
László Teisenhoffer (Battai Bulldogok)
Dániel Tóth (Kecskeméti ARC)
Head Coach: Gheorghe Vacaru ... UN-AUT.pdf

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