Saturday, November 19, 2011


Uruguay v Spain in Madrid

Venue: Estadio Nacional Universidad Complutense

Referee: Joao Mourinha (Portugal)

Spain continue to trawl the players pool to find the right combinations. No fewer than seven test debuts for this match. This follows a player pool of 53 players used last test season for 7 test matches. Of last years players 17 played in only one test!

The Spanish side has not played since their disastrous trip to Bucharest in March when they lost 8-64 to Romania.

Last weekend Uruguay began their European tour with a good 16-9 win over Portugal.

Spain has a wealth of players based in France. On paper they look the stronger side. The new policy of including more foreign-based players has not borne fruit in the past season. Perhaps their fortunes will change.

Last Five Encounters
18.08.2007 Spain 18-10 in Montevideo (Friendly)
01.09.2001 Spain 16-14 in Montevideo (Friendly)
02.10.1999 Uruguay 37-15 in Galashiels (World Cup, Pool A)
28.08,1999 Uruguay 20-3 in L’Aquila (L’Aquilla Tournament)
02.09.1995 Uruguay 47-10 in Montevideo (Friendly)

The match in 1995 was the first encounter between these two nations

Uruguay Last Five
25.05.2011 v Argentina L 14-75 in Posades (CONSUR A Final)
20.05.2011 v Chile L 18-21 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)
17.05.2011 v Brazil W 39-18 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)
14.05.2011 v Paraguay W 102-6 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)
27.11.2010 v Romania L 12-39 in Bucharest (WCQ Repechage, Final, 2nd leg)

Spain Last Five
19.03.2011 v Romania L 8-64 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)
12.03.2011 v Portugal W 25-10 in Madrid (ENC 1B)
26.02.2011 v Ukraine W 35-13 in Madrid (ENC 1A)
12.02.2011 v Georgia L 0-60 in Tblissi (ENC 1A)
05.02.2011 v Russia L 24-28 in Madrid (ENC 1A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table-Spain 21st, Uruguay 22nd

IRB Ranking Points
Uruguay 61.36, Spain 59.43

Prediction: Uruguay by 9 points



15.- César Sempere (Northampton Saints, England) Age 27, 37 tests
14.- Ryan LeRoux (U.E Santboiana) ?, test debut
13.- Juan Cano (C.R: Cisneros) 26, 27
12.- Martín Heredia, Capt. (CRC Madrid) 26, 8
11.- Sebastien Ascarat (FC Auch, France) ?, test debut
10.- Charles Malie (Beziers R.C., France) ?, test debut
9.- Pablo Feijoo (C.R. El Salvador) 29, 49
8.- Mathieu Visensang (US Tyrosse, France) ?, test debut
7.- Glen Rolls (VRAC Valladolid) ?, test debut
6.- Gauthier Gibouin (Perigueux R.C, France) 22, 9
5.- Jesús Recuerda (Lille Metropole, France) 25, 13
4.- Thomas Parker (Ordizia R.E.) ?, test debut
3.- David Gurgenadze (US Carcassone, France) 32, 1
2.- Mathieu Cidré (US Carcassone, France) 30, 24
1.- Anthony Pradalie (Perigueux RC, France) 25, 6
16- Beñat Auzqui (US Tyrosse, France) 28, 4
17- Jesús Moreno (Limoges RC, France) 25, 11
18.- Damien Elgoyhen (St.Médard en Jalles, France) 25, 5
19.- Mathieu Roca (Stade Aurillac, France) 24, 4
20.- Adrien Ayestarán (Perigueux, France) 22, 5
21.- Nicholas Marshall (Bera Bera RT) ?, test debut
22.-Pierre Belzunce (US Colomiers, France) 24, 3
Head Coach: Regis Sonnes

Sempere last played for Spain 2009-10.
This will be Feijoo’s 50th test for Spain


15.-Jerónimo Etxeberri (Carrasco Polo)
14.- Santoago Gibernau (?)
13.- Agustín Ormaechea (Carrasco Polo)
12.- Alberto Román (Pucarú-Stade Galuois)
11.- Gastón Mieres (Lobos)
10.- Matías Arocena (Old Christians)
9.- Francisco Vecino (Carrasco Polo)
8.- Juan Ormaechea (Carrasco Polo)
7.- Rodrigo Espiga (Old Christians)
6.- Federico Berchesi (Carrasco Polo)
5.- Santiago Vilaseca (Old Boys)
4.- Diego Magno (Montevideo Cricket Club)
3.- Óscar Duran (Carrasco Polo)
2.-Nicolás Klappenbach (Champagnat)
1.- Alejo Corral (San Isidro Club, Argentina)
Replacements (One to be omitted)
16.- Arturo Avalo (Carrasco Polo)
17.- Juan Rombys (Trebol)
18.- Mario Sagario (UE Santboiana, Spain)
19.- Fernando Bascou (Pucarú-Stade Galuois)
20.- Guillermo Lijstentein (Trebol)
21.- Juan De Freitas (Champagnat)
22.- Adrián Lewis (Los Cuervos)
23.- Rodolfo de Mula (Pucarú-Stade Galuois)

Head Coach: Sebastian Pineyrua


  1. Gibernau is from Cajasol Ciencias Sevilla (Spain)