Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AFRICA CUP RUGBY: Namibia and Morocco Pull Out

Tunisia v Kenya in Nairobi (Africa Cup Division 1A)



Sadly two of Africa’s top teams have pulled out of this tournament. No reasons given on CAR’s website http://www.confederation-africaine-rugby.com/index.php/fr/ apart from ‘forfait’(sic). An article here http://www.namibian.com.na/sport/local/full-story/archive/2011/november/article/nru-executive-resigns/ explains the reasons for Namibia’s withdrawl, namely financial and a mass resignation of the NRU excecutive. No word from Morocco.

So to this match which will now be the final of the Africa Cup 2011. No news coming out of both Kenya and Tunisia on the web. We are left guessing.

Tunisia should win by 5 points


  1. Hi there. I'm Kurt and have just started my own blog on news from Tier 3 rugby nations. I was wondering if you'd ever found out why the Moroccans pulled out of the Africa Cup last year? It seems Division 1B will be the most competitive now that the top-two African sides outside South Africa have been relegated down to it.

    I know the Namibians have been having a lot of strife in their executive lately, but the Moroccan withdrawal remains pretty mysterious.


  2. My understanding is that Morocco is experiencing similiar administrative problems as Namibia

    'Ructions ongoing in the Moroccan Rugby Federation with allegations of outside interference by the Sports Ministry, self-interest and incompetence which resulted in the team being unable to travel to Kenya for the CAR Trophy tournament last year because of using a "rogue" travel agency. The FRMR president Saïd Bouhajeb was forced out but if I understand correctly a number of officials have challenged what they call an unlawful "coup" by the Sports Ministry through the courts.


    from http://www.fira-aer-rugby.com/forum2007/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3660&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=270

  3. Forgot to ask for the link to your Tier 3 nations blog. Sounds very interesting.