Monday, July 18, 2011

TEST RUGBY: Shock Result!

Samoa 32, Australia 23 in Sydney

I couldn’t believe the result when I saw it. I don’t have pay TV so didn’t see the game. My brother tells me it was a great game. Is this THE greatest day in Samoan rugby history?

It certainly is a fantastic result for Samoa and for rugby in Oceania. Yes, look out for these island team at the game. But don’t write Australia off. Far from it. I’m still picking Australia to be one of the teams in the final. And I’m hoping like hell the other is New Zealand!


  1. Aren't you in Australia? It was played free to air here. Great match.

  2. even though Samoa played well, they juss got lucky with that match. Australia didnt even have any star players on the field besides Matt Giteau.

  3. Hi Ranald. I completely forgot about free to air. I was very busy with my job over that weekend. Fortunately my brother records the games.

    In reply to anonymouse..
    Even so it sent out a warning message to nations ranked at your best or watch out!