Sunday, July 3, 2011


Samoa 34, Japan 15 in Tokyo (Pacific Nations Cup)
Tonga 45, Fiji 21 in Lautoka (Pacific Nations Cup)
Zimbabwe 49, Uganda 21 in Bulawayo (Victoria Cup)

Samoa began its 2011 Rugby World Cup preparations in grand style with a convincing win in Tokyo. Japan’s stumble at this first major test hurdle would be worrying for coach John Kirwan.

Tonga caused a major upset with its 45-21 over Fiji in Lautoka. It was their highest ever score against Fiji and the 24 point winning margin was also a record. Tonga are looking good for the rest of this tournament. The ‘old hands’ recalled to the side and the wealth of experience has paid off.

Zimbabwe has regained a lot of the lost ground at test level over the last decade or so and this convincing win against Uganda is a clear indication that the rise will continue.

Test Matches Coming Up
9 July
Tonga v Japan in Suva (Pacific Nations Cup)
Fiji v Samoa in Suva (Pacific Nations Cup)
Kenya v Uganda in Nairobi (Victoria Cup; Elgon Cup)

If Tonga and Samoa keep their winning ways their 13 July clash would set up a winner-takes-all scenario.

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