Sunday, July 17, 2011

TEST RUGBY RESULTS: Saturday 16 July

Uganda 32, Kenya 18 in Kampala (Victoria Cup, Elgon Cup)

Laos 21, Cambodia 19 in Phnom Phen (Mekong Cup)
Point scoring details at!/Laorugby

Uganda caused a major upset by toppling neighbours Kenya at home. Uganda very nearly scored a better aggregate, Kenya finally taking the Elgon Cup 45-42. The result also handed Zimbabwe the Victoria Cup, Kenya needing to win today to have a chance.

Laos, up 13-5 at halftime, had to withstand a Cambodian comeback to hold on to win the first leg of the Mekong Cup. They go into the second leg, to be held in Vientiane 30 July, with a 2 point lead.

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