Friday, November 19, 2010

TEST RUGBY: Swiss Out For Two in a Row

Switzerland v Serbia in Belgrade (ENC 2B)

Venue: Stadion Republičkog zavoda za sport, Košutnjak

Referee: Sarkhan (Latvia)


Switzerland will be going for two wins in a row but will have to face a difficult away game in order to achieve that. With none of the other teams in this competition stamping their mark Switzerland could take a handy, if early, lead.

Serbia started the season with a shock 3-33 loss to Slovenia in Ljubliana. Already on the back foot in the competition they will need to lift and win this crucial home match against Switzerland.

The Swiss began their season with a home win against Armenia who, in turn, won their home game against Andorra. Switzerland look as though they could win the vital away game. If so, they would take the lead in the competition.

Serbia has won the last two games against Switzerland, both home and away, so their record of recent is very good against the visitors. The Serbs were undermanned against Slovenia with many injuries affecting the squad. I'd expect a much stronger showing at home.

Last Five Encounters
24.10.2009 Serbia 13-8 in Belgrade (ENC 3A)
04.04.2009 Serbia 12-6 in Nyon (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3A)
24.11.2007 Switzerland 13-5 in Belgrade (ENC 3A)
07.10.2006 Switzerland 30-9 in Nyon (ENC 3A)
19.03.2005 Drawn 11-11 in Belgrade (WCQ Europe R2, Pool B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Switzerland 24th, Serbia 28th

IRB Ranking Points
Switzerland 42.19, Serbia 40.85

Prediction: A close struggle, with the Swiss just getting there. Switzerland by 5 points



Switzerland Squad
Schelte Betten (GC Zürich)
Darron Bjornson (GC Zürich)
Thomas Brossard (RC Annemasse, France)
Alfredo Burgener (RC Nyon)
Cyril Coulot (RC Yverdon)
Andreas Dahinden (Stade Lausanne RC)
Jacky Dervey (Stade Lausanne RC)
Benjamin Faudot (RC Nyon)
Gabriel Fox (RC Fribourg)
Mathieu Guyou-Kreis (RCA Cergy-Pontoise, France)
Johannes Küng (GC Zürich)
Sébastien Leu (Hermance RRC)
Cyril Lin (CA Lannemezan, France)
Ismael Meyer (Stade Lausanne RC)
Ghislain Montiel (Peyrehorade SR, France)
David Mossière (Union Sigean PLN, France)
Steve Pascucci (RC Genève PLO)
Aymeric Pont (RC Avusy)
Loïc Reffet (RC Yverdon)
Franz Ruegsegger (RC Bern)
Matthieu Schnell (RC Bern)
Lukas Steiger (RC Bern)
Head Coach: Philippe Filiatre


Serbia Squad
Acimovic (RK Partizan)*
Pavle Andjelic (RK Partizan)
Uroš Babić (RK Pobednik)
Vedran Brkić (KBRK Belgrade)
Danilo Bulatovic (Krakow, Poland)*
Igor Dejanovic (RK Partizan)*
V.Dejanovic (RK Partizan)*
Aleksandar Djordjevic (KBRK Belgrade)
Vladimir Djukic (RK Pobednik)
Danilo Dumic (RK Partizan)*
Andrija Jankovic (KBRK)*
Vladimir Jelinek (Jesi, Italy)
Nikola Jerkovic (RK Partizan)*
Miloš Joksimović (RK Partizan)
Marko Kapor (RK Pobednik)
Lukic (Vienna Celtic, Austria)*
Boris Martic (KBRK)*
Nenad Matejić (RK Partizan)
Milan (RK Partizan)*
Marko Milosavljević (RK Partizan)
Milan Orlović (RK Pobednik)
Marko Petrović (Châteaurenard RC, France)
Ivan Pirkovič (RK Pobednik)*
Milan Rastovac (RK Pobednik)
Marko Ristic (RK Pobednik)*
Nemanja Simonović (RK Pobednik)
Nikola Simonovic (RK Pobednik)
Vlastimir Sretenović (KBRK Belgrade)
Dejan Tasic (RK Partizan)*
Goran Vuković (RK Pobednik)
Miladin Živanov (RK Pobednik)
* New into squad this match
Head Coach: Savic Nedeljko

Out from v Slovenia
Jovan Bajić (RK Partizan)
Vladimir Dumić (RK Partizan)
Sedrik Jovanović (Rone Sportif, France)
Blagoje Jovanovski (RK Partizan)
Andrija Jovanović (KBRK Belgrade)
Nenad Mićić (KBRK Belgrade)
Branko Vojvodić (KBRK Belgrade)
Marko Vuković (RK Pobednik)

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