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06.11.2010 - Date changed to 06 on FIRA-AER web site
Greece v Bulgaria in Pernik (ENC 2D)

Venue: RC Valiacite Stadium

Referee: Csaba Priskin (Hungary)

New Greek coach Nial Doherty, who has taken over from famous French rugby player Olivier Magne, has made a number of changes, some forced through injury, to the Greek side that missed out on promotion to ENC 2C for 2010-12. In fact there are nine new caps. Two famous players, Christos Fiotakis and Philippos Sotiriadis, who played for Greece in their first test match, are missing from the squad.

Bulgaria are a particularly tough bunch especially up front, so the inclusion of a few Australian-based forwards, will surely beef up the forwards.

Greece lost their last game to Bulgaria after winning the first easily at home. Playing against Bulgaria in Bulgaria is tough. Without knowing the Bulgarian side for this match it's difficult to predict but be assured it will be tough for the Greeks to win.

Previous Encounters
24.04.2010 Bulgaria 18-15 in Pernik (ENC 3C)
11.04.2009 Greece 41-18 in Alexandroupoli (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3C)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table
Bulgaria 34th, Greece 35th

IRB Ranking Points do not apply

Prediction: Bulgaria by 4 points.




Alex Gounari (Vincennes, France)
Giorgos Soilemezidis (Iraklis)
Kostas Raftopoulos (Athens Spartans)
Thomas Mamakopoulos (Massy, France)
Evangelos Tsakalidis (Thessaloniki Lions)
George Tsatsaronis (Athens)
Mark Martin (Athens)
Demosthenis Kyriazis (Athens)
Jeremy Raftos (Eastern Suburbs RFC, Australia)
Jason Dagdelinis (Iraklis)

Nathan Courcelle (Attica Springboks)
Antonis Demertis (Athens Spartans)
Chris Evangelidis (Windsor RFC, England)
Nick Penna (Melbourne Broncos, Australia)
Kostas Karandreas (Athens)
Marios Goumagias (Iraklis)
Ioannis Papacostopoulos (Athens Spartans)
Alex Ferentinos (Shelford RFC, England)
William Martin (Bath University, England)
Fouriaris Arkalos (Athens)
Stathis Papadopoulos (Iraklis)
One more to add
Head Coach: Nial Doherty


Squad not available


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