Saturday, November 20, 2010

INTERNATIONAL RUGBY: Netherlands take on Czechs

Czech Republic v Netherlands in Amsterdam (ENC 1B)

Venue: National Rugby Centrum

Referee: I. Gallastegi (Spain)

Martin Kafka has made a number of changes to his squad for this match following his team's disappointing 12-24 loss to Belgium last weekend. This will be a tough ask to make changes and then try to win away. The Czechs defeated Poland at home in early October so this will be their third competition match so far.

This will be the first outing for the Netherlands. They were promoted to this division at the end of 2008-10 competition. They have the home advantage. This Dutch team is on the rise. They have a new coach Frenchman Jean Bidal.

Last Five Encounters
19.0.2002 Czech Republic 54-12 in Amsterdam (WCQ Europe R3, Pool A)
19.04.1997 Czech Republic 19-18 in Prague (FIRA Playoff 9th-12th)
30.03.1996 Netherlands 26-3 in Prague (FIRA B1)
15.05.1994 Netherlands 38-9 in Brescia (WCQ Europe, Central C)
31.10.1993 Netherlands 42-6 in Den Haag (WCQ Europe, Central B)

It's been eight years since these two teams have meet, so not a lot of relevancy here.
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GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table- Netherlands 23rd, Czech Republic 25th
Europe Table-Czech Republic 14th, Netherlands 21st

IRB Ranking Points
Czech Republic 52.04, Netherlands 51.67

Prediction: Netherlands by 6 points



Czech Republic
15 Jan Rohlík (RC Říčany)
14 Michal Jirman (RC Slavia Praha)
13 Jan Kolář (RC Slavia Praha)
12 Irakli Sulamanidze (RC Sparta Praha)
11 Michal Schlanger (RC Říčany)
10 Pavel Vokrouhlík (RC Sparta Praha)
9 Vachtang Pailodze (RC Sparta Praha)
8 Karel Opravil (RC Říčany)
7 Jiří Černý (RC Tatra Smíchov)
6 Martin Wognitsch (Oyonnax, France)
5 Robert Voves (Narbonne, France)
4 Tomáš Holovský (St. Rafael, France)
3 Pavel Hocke (Tatra Smíchov)
2 Michal Průša (RC Tatra Smíchov)
1 Jan Benda (Sparta Praha)
16 Radim Fajkus (RC Havířov)
17 Pavel Indrák (RC Havířov)
18 Jiří Buryánek (RC Dragon Brno)
19 Vojtěch Havel (RC Tatra Smíchov)
20 Milan Jirman (RC Slavia Praha)
21 Petr Čížek (RC Praga)
22 Tomáš Forst (RC Praga)
Head Coach: Martin Kafka

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Netherlands Squad not yet available

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