Saturday, November 13, 2010

RUGBY TEST MATCH: A First For Canadians and Spaniards

Canada v Spain in Madrid

Venue: Estadio National Universidad Complutense

Referee: TBA


This is the first meeting of these two nations in an international rugby test.

Canada has already played Belgium in a test match last weekend. This will be a sterner test for the Canadians who will field more of their European-based players. This tour is an important part of Canada's build up towards the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Spain has selected an untried squad, probably reflecting a very ordinary season in 2009-10. What is a little surprising is the number of France-based players who have never played in the Spanish leagues. It has caused a bit of comment here on the FIRA-AER forum

GWC Rugby Rankings Do not apply as Spain is not on the World Table.

IRB Rankings
Canada 69.43 (14th), Spain 57.70 (23rd)

Prediction: Canada by 17 points



15. James Pritchard (Bedford Blues, England)
14. Taylor Paris (Ontario Blues)
13. DTH van der Merwe (Glasgow Warriors, Scotland)
12. Phillip Mackenzie (Esher RFC, England)
11. Ciaran Hearn (The Rock)
10. Ander Monro (Ontario Blues)
9. Sean White (BC Bears)
8. Aaron Carpenter (Plymouth Albion, England)
7. Adam Kleeberger (Unattached)
6. Chauncey O'Toole (The Rock)
5. Tyler Hotson (Plymouth Albion, England)
4. Josh Jackson (Stade Montois, France)
3. Jason Marshall (BC Bears)
2. Pat Riordan (BC Bears)
1. Dan Pletch (Ontario Blues)
16. Tom Dolezel (Prairie Wolf Pack)
17. Kevin Tkachuk (Glasgow Warriors, Scotland)
18. Jon Phelan (The Rock)
19. Jebb Sinclair (The Rock)
20 Sean Michael Stephen (Plymouth Albion, England)
21. Jamie Mackenzie (Ontario Blues)
22. Justin Mensah-Coker (Unattached)
Head Coach: Kieran Crowley ... leagueID=0


Spain Squad
Martín Aceña (La Vila) 8 Tests
Bruno Angulo (Club Aubenas Vals, France) New cap
Sergi Aubanell (ASM Clermont Auvergne, France) New Cap
Mattin Auzqui (US Dax, France) New Cap
David Barrera (Stade Montois, France) New Cap
Pierre Belzunce (US Colomiers, France) New Cap
Mathieu Cidre (US Carcassonne, France) 23
Matthew Cook (La Vila) 5
Damien Elgoyhen (Saint Medard, France) 4
Santiago Fernández (Alcobendas) 1
Gauthier Gibouin (Bourdeaus Begles, France) 3
Sylvain Gonzalez (Rhône Ovalie Club, France) New Cap
Diego Gorosito (VRAC Quesos Entrepinares) New Cap
Mathieu Gratton (SC Graulhet, France) 10
Martín Heredia (Costa del Sol) 2
Rodrigo Martínez (La Vila) New Cap
Jesús Moreno (Leeds Carnegie, England) 4
Ignacio Gutiérrez Muller (VRAC Quesos Entrepinares) 1
Federico Negrillo (Bizkaia Gernika) 4
Marcos Poggi (La Vila) New Cap
Anthony Pradalie (CAP Perigeux, France) 4
Jesús Recuerda (Lille Metropole, France) 6
Sebastien Rouet (FC Lourdais, France) New Cap
Baptiste Sanchez (RC Narbonne, France) New Cap
Head Coach: Regis Sonnes

Regulars missing from last year
César Sempere
Pedro Martin
Ignatio Martin
Pablo Feijóo
Juan Cano
Javier Canosa
Jamie Nava
Rafael Camacho
Leandro Fernández Aramburu (Captain)
Jose Maria Bohorquez

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