Saturday, November 27, 2010

RUGBY TEST: Canadians Face Portugal in Last Test on Tour

Canada v Portugal in Lisbon

Venue: Estádio Universitário de Lisboa


Last weekend Canada stumbled 15-22 against Georgia in Tblissi whilst Portugal downed Namibia 24-12. This could be a very even contest.

Portugal has had to make a few changes from the successful rugby test match v Namibia. They will find the Canadians a tougher proposition as they have now had three weeks together to build combinations. The Portuguese have a very experienced line up.

Experienced Canadian fly half Ander Munro returns from injury for his first game on tour. He will be playing his 23rd test cap for Canada and brings stability to the pivotal position. Canada has been forced to use a different fly half for each of their tests so far.

Crowley is looking for a win to give his side a creditable 3-1 account on this tour. It is a crucial step towards the build up for the 2011 Rugby World Cup finals.

Portugal is out of the World Cup Finals so New Zealander Brains' focus is now on the European Nations Cup top division tournament that begins in February.

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Previous Encounters
01.11.2008 Canada 21-13 in Lisbon
18.08.2007 Canada 42-12 in Toronto

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table-Canada 15th, Portugal 18th

IRB Ranking Points
Canada 68.59, Portugal 61.53

Prediction: Canada by 10 points



15- Pedro Leal (GD Direito) 43 tests
14- Gonçalo Foro (CD University Lisboa) 24
13- Frederico Oliveira (CD University Lisboa) 7
12- Pedro Silva (CF Belenenses) 17
11- Antonio Aguilar (GD Direito) 59
10- Joseph Gardner (Aubenas) 7
9- Jose Pinto,V. Capt. (GD Direito) 51
8- Tiago Girão (CD University Lisboa) 28
7- Julien Bardy (Clermont Auvergne, France)
6- Vasco Uva (GD Direito) 65
5- Gonçalo Uva (Montpellier FC, France) 50
4- Rui D'Orey (GD Direito) 4
3- Cristian Spachuk (Colomiers Rugby, France) 30
2- Joao Correia, Capt. (GD Direito) 55
1- Fernando Fernandes (Tyrosse, France) 6
16- Bernardo Duarte (AEISAgronomia) 9
17- João Junior (CD University Lisboa) 13
18- Eduardo Acosta (GD Direito) 16
19- Laurent Balangué (Colomiers Rugby, France) 2
20- Pedro Cabral (CD University Lisboa) 30
21- Francisco Mira (AEISAgronomia) 9
22- Bernardo Silveira (CD University Lisboa) new cap
Head Coach: Errol Brain

‘Cristian returns with no 3 and Anthony Alves has to get back to his club.
Juan Segurado is not available, Rui d'Orey comes in the team and Acosta seats on the bench
Young José Lima is not in the group and Gonçalo Foro dress shirt no 14

Cristian brings some more consistency to the front row, Rui d'Orey is no under Juan Severino level, and Acosta on the bench is a safe choice.
In the backs, Gonçalo will take a great experience to the line, and that will be very important to Frederico Oliveira which is still adapting to the outside center position’. Thanks to 'mestre' From


15. James Pritchard (Bedford RFC, England)
14. Ciaran Hearn (The Rock)
13. Phillip Mackenzie (Esher RFC, England)
12. Nick Blevins (Prairie Wolf Pack)
11. Justin Mensah-coker (Unattached)
10. Ander Monro (Ontario Blues)
9. Sean White (BC Bears)
8. Aaron Carpenter (Plymouth Albion, England)
7. Adam Kleeberger (Unattached)
6. Sean Michael Stephen (Plymouth Albion, England)
5. Tyler Hotson (Plymouth Albion, England)
4. Jebb Sinclair (The Rock)
3. Andrew Tiedemann (Prairie Wolf Pack)
2. Pat Riordan, Capt. (BC Bears)
1. Tom Dolezel (Prairie Wolf Pack)
16. Jason Marshall (BC Bears)
17. Dan Pletch (Ontario Blues)
18. Jon Phelan (The Rock)
19. Chauncey O’Toole (The Rock)
20. Connor Braid (BC Bears)
21. Jamie Mackenzie (Ontario Blues)
22. Taylor Paris (Ontario Blues)
Head Coach: Kieran Crowley

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