Friday, November 12, 2010

TEST RUGBY: European Nations Division 2D

Bulgaria v Luxembourg in Luxembourg (ENC 2D)

Venue: Stade Josy Barthell

Referee: R.Donovan (Denmark)

Both teams have won their first encounters in this competition. Luxembourg defeated Finland on the 9th November, whilst Bulgaria defeated Greece last weekend. At this level of international rugby, the home team has a distinct advantage. Bulgaria has been dominant in both rugby tests last season.

Last Five Encounters
24.10.2009 Bulgaria 25-12 in Pernik (ENC 3C)
19.11.2008 Bulgaria 18-10 in Luxembourg (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3C)
24.04.2004 Luxembourg 39-5 in Cessange (ENC 3B)
18.10.1997 Luxembourg 39-6 in Sofia (FIRA Bronze A)
1993 Bulgaria 16-13 in Luxembourg (FIRA C1)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Bulgaria 34th, Luxembourg 35th

IRB Ranking Points
Do not apply. Greece is not a full member of IRB

Prediction: Bulgaria by 7 points


Luxembourg logo

Luxembourg Squad (Updated 13.11)
Christophe Balthazard
Gilles Caviglia
Steven Clarke
Julien Da Col
William Dan la Fesse
Alan Dunn
Christopher Ellis
Jonathan Flynn
Vincent Giffard
Alexander Goodhew
Christophe Hoffman
Stuart Kelly
Mathias Lentz
Christian Lowe
Maxim Magloire
Edward Medlyn
Saman Rezapour
Nigel Sharplin
Adrien Timmermans
Philippe Vimond
David Joel Wilson
Kim Zimmer
Head Coach: Marty Davis
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Bulgaria squad not available

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