Sunday, November 21, 2010

TEST RUGBY RESULTS" Saturday 20 November

New Zealand 38, Ireland 18 in Dublin
France 15, Argentina 9 in Montpellier
Scotland 21, South Africa 17 at Murrayfield
England 26, Samoa 13 at Twickenham
Australia 32, Italy 14 in Florence
Georgia 22, Canada 15 in Tblissi
Portugal 24, Namibia 12 in Lisbon
Poland 22, Germany 17 in Frankfurt (ENC 1B)
Czech Republic 25, Netherlands 13 in Amsterdam (ENC 1B)
Serbia 18, Switzerland 15 in Belgrade (ENC 2B)
Cyprus v Greece in Athens (ENC 2D)-result not yet in

It would appear we had a huge weekend of international test rugby marred by some ho-hum play with some inspiring upsets thrown in.

Scotland kicked off the upsets with a goal-feast 21-17 win over South Africa. The World Champions were defeated this weekend by a team that lost 3-49 last weekend. What a turn around for Scotland!

In other upset results, Georgia defeated Canada in Tblissi. Although not a shock win, a win it was against the odds. Portugal tumbled Namibia who were higher on the IRB rankings, but some of the major upsets occurred lower down in the pecking order.

New Zealand are heading towards a grand slam after defeating Ireland, France finally won against Argentina, England cruised past Samoa but without the heroics of last weekend, whilst Australia and Italy played a dull error-ridden test match that saw Australia win.

Poland upset Germany 22-17 in Frankfurt, continuing the topsy-turvy nature of the European Nations Cup. The Czech Republic bounced back from their loss to Belgium last week to win over newly promoted Netherlands, a test match I thought the home side would win. Serbia also bounced back from a 3-33 thrashing by Slovenia last month to defeat the previously undefeated Swiss, 18-15. All we need now, to cap all these upsets off, is for Cyprus to win in Athens!


  1. Cyprus to beat Greece? An upset?! :o

    We stuffed them 33-13 :) They were only in it in the 1st half. 2nd half the Cyprus forwards begun to dominate. I should know, I was one of them hehe :) ELA KYPROS!!!

  2. Greece v Cyprus - Cyprus causing an upset?! :o It was far from an upset. Greece had the better 1st half but Cyprus turned around just one point behind 13-12, and then the Cy forwards got the better of the Greeks - even though they missed several kicks at goal the Greeks did not score another point. Final result 33-13 to Cyprus - far from an upset!