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Russia v Spain in Madrid

Referee: Andrew McMenemy (Scotland)

Russian travel to Spain with new coach Alexander Pervukhin. They also travel without some of their regulars: Kulemin (retired), Ostrikov (not released?), Ostroushko (only playing 7’s, Simplikevich (injured), Pronenko (injured) and the Tsnobiladze brothers (don’t know reason). As always playing away from home with a weakened squad seems to hurt the East European nations.

Spain is not without their selection problems. Injured (and unable to make his debut) is Thibault Visensang is finally out and won't make his debut.
Also out is Mathieu Roca is also out weakening the back row.

Last Five Encounters
01.02.2014 Russia 28-23 in Madrid (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1A)
02.02.2013 Russia 13-9 in Sochi (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1A)
19.05.2012 Russia 41-37 in Moscow (ENC 1A)
05.02.2011 Russia 28-24 in Madrid (ENC 1A)
13.02.2010 Russia 38-20 in Mardid (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1)

Spain’s last win over Russia was back in 1996 when they won 52-6 in Madrid in a FIRA Group A1 match. Test matches between these two nations go back to 1979. In recent years these encounters have been very close affairs with Russia just showing an edge.

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table: Russia 19th, Spain 21st 
Europe Table: Russia 9th, Spain 10th

IRB Ranking Points
Russia 64.12, Spain 60.65

Prediction: This is a vastly more experienced Russian side but their performances of late have not been inspiring. It takes a while for a new coach to settle. This is Spain’s opportunity to pounce. Spain by 5 points




1- Franck Labbe (Lormont FRA, 7 caps)
2- Beñat Auzqui (Bordeaux-Bègles FRA, 17 caps)
3- Francisco Javier Sanz (Bathco Santader, 13 caps)
4- Ignacio Villanueva (CR Cisneros, 3 caps)
5- Jesus Recuerda (captain - Pays d'Aix FRA, 30 caps)
6- David Barrera-Howart (Tricastin FRA, 11 caps)
7- Gauthier Gibouin (Montauban FRA, 20 caps)
8- Jaime Nava (Périgueux FRA, 48 caps)
9- Guillaume Rouet (Bayonne FRA, 2 caps)
10- Dan Snee (VRAC, 2 caps)
11- Sébastien Ascarat (Montauban FRA, 6 caps)
12- Martin Heredia (Lormont FRA, 10 caps)
13- Marcos Poggi (Lormont FRA, 5 caps)
14- Julen Goia (Biarritz Olympique FRA, 3 caps)
15- Pedro Martin (Alcobendas, 14 caps)
16- Fernando Lopez (Massy FRA, uncapped)
17- Juan Anaya (Bathco Santader, 13 caps)
18- Agustin Ortiz (Naffaroa FRA, 12 caps)
19- David Gonzalez (Nevers FRA, uncapped)
20- Javier De Juan (Bathco Santader, 3 caps)
21- Angel Lopez (Cisneros, 2 caps)
22- Pablo Fontes (Pau FRA, 3 caps)
23- Pablo Feijoo (Cisneros, 65 caps)



1- Alexandr Bezverkhov (Enisey-STM, 1 cap)
2- Stanislav Selsky (Enisey-STM, 7 caps)
3- Innokenty Zykov (Enisey-STM, 21 caps)
4- Denis Antonov (Slava-CSP, 17 caps)
5- Andrey Ostrikov (Sale Sharks ENG, 22 caps)
6- Andrey Temnov (captain - Enisey-STM, 41 caps)
7- Artem Fatakhov (VVA Saracens, 64 caps)
8- Alexey Panasenko (VVA Saracens, 28 caps)
9- Alexander Yanyushkin (VVA Saracens, 69 caps)
10- Yuri Kushnarev (Enisey-STM, 68 caps)
11- Igor Kurashov (VVA Saracens, 4 caps)
12- Sergey Trishin (VVA Saracens, 46 caps)
13- Mikhail Babaev (VVA Saracens, 52 caps)
14- Vasily Artemyev (Krasny Yar, 50 caps)
15- Ramil Gaisin (Enisey-STM, 9 caps)
16- Vladislav Korshunov (VVA Saracens, 68 caps)
17- Alexey Volkov (VVA Saracens, 30 caps)
18- Andrey Igretsov (Slava-CSP, 22 caps)
19- Nikolay Serkov (Enisey-STM, 2 caps)
20- Viktor Gresev (Krasny Yar, 64 caps)
21- Alexey Shcherban (Enisey-STM, 17 caps)
22- Igor Galinovsky (Krasny Yar, 33 caps)
23- Igor Klyuchnikov (VVA Saracens, 67 caps)

‘First cap for Panasenko since June 2011, first cap for Kurashov since 20 months, first cap for Trishin since 2 years.Pervukhin called up 8 players from his team Enisey and only 3 from the rival Krasny Yar (brothers Tsnobiladze, Khudyakov, Garbuzov, Makovetsky, Rudenko, Otrokov are missing). 9 players from VVA Saracens and one player abroard (Ostrikov)’

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