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GEORGIA v SPAIN : Rugby Europe Championship, Division 1A


Venue: Madrid

Referee: Alexandre Ruiz (France)

Traditionally Georgia has won comfortably against Spain but of late they have struggled. Spain has lifted their game with new coach Santos and are using their France-based players wisely.

Spain began this competition well with a good win over Russia but the old problem of selection issues saw the team weakened against Romania who won comfortably. Spain would have been encourage by the fight Portugal showed against Georgia two weeks ago.

In the Spanish lineup Barrera and Heredia are out injured and replaced by Mora and Lopez.

Georgia introduce two new caps into their side. They are scrum half Lobzhanidze and win Khutsishvili, both local players.

Last Five Encounters
14.06.2014 Georgia 23-13 in Tbilisi (IRB Tbilisi Cup)
08.03.2014 Georgia 24-17 in Madrid (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1A)
09.03.2013 Georgia 61-18 in Tbilisi (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1A)
11.02.2012 Spain 25-18 in Madrid (ENC 1A)
12.02.2011 Georgia 60-0 in Tbilisi (ENC 1A)

Georgia Last Five P 5, W 3, L 2
14.02.2015 v Portugal W 20-15 in Tbilisi (REC 1A)
07.02.2015 v Germany W 64-8 in Heusenstamm (REC 1A)
23.11.2014 v Japan W 35-24 in Tbilisi
16.11.2014 v Ireland L 7-49 in Dublin
08.11.2014 v Tonga L 9-23 in Tbilisi

Spain Last Five P 5, W 1, L 4
14.02.2015 v Romania L 8-29 in Bucharest (REC 1A)
07.02.2015 v Russia W 43-20 in Madrid (REC 1A)
22.06.2014 v Argentina Jaguars L 7-41 in Tbilisi (Tbilisi Cup)
18.06.2014 v Emerging Italy L 0-37 in Tbilisi (Tbilisi Cup)
14.06.2014 v Georgia L 13-23 in Tbilisi (Tbilisi Cup)

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table- Georgia 15th, Spain 21st 
Europe Table- Georgia 7th, Spain 9th

IRB Ranking Points
Georgia 70.76, Spain 62.04

Prediction: Georgia by 10 points




1.Mikheil Nariashvili (Montelier, 21 caps)
2. Zura Zhvania (Stade Francais, 13 caps)
3. David Zirakashvili (ASM Clermont, 44 caps)
4. Vakhtang Maisuradze (Albi, 22 caps)
5. Giorgi Nemsadze (Tarbes, 44 caps)
6. Giorgi Tkhilaishvili (Batumi RC, GEO, 16 caps)
7. Shalva Sutiashvili (Massy, 44 caps)
8. Beka Bitsadze (Locomotive RC, GEO, 9 caps)
9. Vasil Lobzhanidze (Armazi RC, GEO, Uncapped)
10. Lasha Khmaladze (Lelo Saracens, GEO, 34 caps)
11. Alexandre Khutsishvili (Kochebi RC, GEO, Uncapped)
12. Merab Sharikadze (Aurilliac, 28 caps)
13. David Kacharava (Enisey STM, 76 caps)
14. Sandro Todua (Lelo Saracens, GEO, 45 caps)
15. Giorgi Aptsiauri (AIA RC, GEO, 1 cap)


16. Shalva Mamukashvili (Sale Sharks, 27 caps)
17. Levan Chilachava (Toulon, 18 caps)
18. David Kubriashvili (Stade Francais, 38 caps)
19. Kote Mikautadze (Toulon, 26 caps)
20. Dimitri Basilaia (Perpignan, 36 caps)
21. Giorgi Begadze (Kochebi RC, GEO, 28 caps)
22. Lasha Malaguradze (Bagnier, 51 caps)
23. Tamaz Mcedlidze (Agen, 21 caps)

Head Coach: Milton Haig

Adapted from



1. Franck Labbe
2. Beñat Auzqui
3. Jesús Moreno
4. David González
5. Jesús Recuerda (c)
6. Gautier Gibouin
7. Ignacio Villanueva
8. Jaime Nava
9. Guillaume Rouet
10. Daniel Snee
11. Sergi Aubanell
12. Thibaut Visensang
13. Marcos Poggi
14. Julen Goia
15. Bradley Linklater

16. Agustín Ortiz
17. Juan Anaya
18. Fernando López
19. Manuel Mora
20. Javier de Juan
21. Ángel López
22. Pablo Fontes
23. Pablo Feijóo

Head Coach: Santiago Santos

Adapted from España-Georgia

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