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Venue: Lisbon

Referee: Luke Pearce (England)

Romania’s aim is to present itself as the number 1 nation of Rugby Europe. To do this they must defeat Georgia twice. They must also defeat the other teams in this competition. Today they have to dispatch Portugal playing away.

‘It is not the strongest team. Some key players are missing such as Vlaicu (Farul Constanta) who is injured, Catalin Fercu (Saracens - Premiership), Paulica Ion (Perpignan - Pro D2), Alin Coste (Carcassonne - Pro D2), Andrei Ursache (Carcassonne - Pro D2) probably they were not released by their clubs.’ ‘

Portugal would appear to be a strong combination with a number of the France-based players available.

Last Five Encounters
01.02.2014 Romania 24-0 in Ploiesti (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1A)
02.02.2013 Romania 19-13 in Lisbon (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1A)
04.02.2012 Romania 15-7 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)
05.02.2011 Portugal 24-17 in Lisbon (ENC 1A)
20.03.2010 Romania 20-9 in Lisbon (WCQ Europe R5l ENC 1)

Romania has dominated the Portuguese both home and away since 2011. That Portuguese win was only the second in a long line of test matches between these two nations going back to 1967.

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table: Romania 17th, Portugal 22nd 
Europe Table: Romania 8th, Portugal 11th

IRB Ranking Points
Romania 67.38, Portugal 58.56

Prediction: Romania by 7 points



15- Duarte Marques (AEIS Tecnico)
14- Francisco Appleton (CDUL)
13- Pedro Ávila (AS Clermont Avergerne, France)
12- José Lima (US Carcassone, France)
11- Tomás Appleton (CDUL)
10- Nuno P. Costa (CDUL)
9- Francisco P. Magalhães (CDUL)
8- Vasco Uva (GD Direito)
7- Julien Bardy (ASM Clermont Avergerne, France)
6- Filipe Pereira (CDUL)
5- Salvador Vassalo (GDS Cascais)
4- Rafael Simões (GDS Cascais)
3- Bruno Rocha (AEIS Técnico)
2- Nuno Taful (GDS Cascais)
1- Bruno Medeiros (CDUL)
16- José Almeida (RC Lousã)
17- Vasco Marques (CDUP)
18- José Leal da Costa (AEIS Agronomia)
19- Diogo Toorn (CDUL)
20- Francisco Sousa (GDS Cascais)
21- Maxime Tonieta (Oyannax, France)
22- Tomás Noronha (CDUL)
23- Manuel Murteira (AEIS Agronomia)

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1. Mihaita Lazar (Castres Olympique - Top14, 42 caps)
2. Otar Turashvili (Farul Constanta, 13 caps)
3. Horatiu Pungea (Lyon - Top14, 21 caps)
4. Valentin Poparlan (Timisoara, 40 caps)
5. Marius Sirbe (Blagnac - Federale1, 32 caps)
6. Viorel Lucaci (Steaua Bucharest, 33 caps)
7. Valentin Ursache (Oyonnax - Top14, 56 caps)
8. Mihai Macovei (Massy - ProD2, 57 caps)
9. Valentin Calafeteanu (Timisoara, 65 caps)
10. Danut Dumbrava (Steaua Bucharest, 63 caps)
11. Ionut Botezatu (Baia Mare, 19 caps)
12. Csaba Gal (U Cluj, 75 caps)
13. Robert Dascalu (Steaua Bucharest, 46 caps)
14. Ionut Dumitru (Steaua Bucharest, 14 caps)
15. Dorin Manole (Orthez - Federale2, 20 caps)
16. Andrei Radoi (Ealing Trailfinders - NL1, 37 caps)
17. Constantin Pristavita (Baia Mare, 9 caps)
18. Alexandru Tarus (Timisoara, 3 caps)
19. Marius Antonescu (Tarbes - ProD2, 2 caps)
20. Sandu Burcea (Timisoara, 44 caps)
21. Grigoras Diaconescu (Steaua Bucharest, uncapped)
22. Florin Ionita (Steaua Bucharest, 11 caps)
23. Adrian Apostol (Farul Constanta, 11 caps)

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