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It has been announced that a new division will appear in South American rugby. At present the governing body, CONSUR, has two divisions, A and B. Later this year we should see a third, C, division.

CONSUR C will consist of Costa Rica, who has already played in CONSUR B, El Salvador, Guatemala and Ecuador.

The tournament is expected to be played later this year.


Ecuador será reconocida como miembro CONSUR

The Federación Ecuatoriana de Rugby was affiliated to CONSUR in 2011.

‘Miguel Angel Coronel Densy was born on April 6th 1989 in Ecuador´s largest city, Santiago de Guayaquil (more commonly refered to simply as Guayaquil). At 80KG he is a lightweight utility back but has succeeded in playing for La Vila in the Spanish domestic competition the División de Honor and for the club on the European stage as he faced Brive both home and away in the Amlin Challenge Cup. The official site of the Amlin Challenge Cup and the Heineken Cup lists the player by the name of Bambi Coronel Densy, but more importantly lists Ecuador as his country of birth.’

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Educador Team at CONSUR 7’s for the first time, March 2012

Alberto Merchán (Yaguares UCG, Guayaquil)
Mario Lima (Yaguares UCG, Guayaquil)
Heccer Benavides (Jibaros PUCE, Quito)
Juan Carlos Herrera (Jibaros PUCE, Quito)
Juan Sebastián Ordóñez (Jibaros PUCE, Quito)
Edison Avellaneda (Jibaros PUCE, Quito)
Pablo Pantoja (Nómadas Rugby Club, Quito)
Christian Vintimilla (Aguilas Rugby Club, Cuenca)
David Montenegro (Mohicanos Rugby Club, Ibarra)
Miguel Ángel Coronel (La Vila Rugby Club, Spain)

Quito Nómadas RC
Union del Guayas de Rugby (Guayaquil Rugby Club) known as Yaguares or UCG
Alianza RC
Monos RC
Jibaros PUCE
Aquilas RC
Mohicanos RC



It is believed Rica played their first rugby test in 2005, winning 60-0 against Panama although this is yet to be confirmed. It may have been club sides.

In 2007 Costa Rica entered a Central American Championship. Although not regarded as test matches, Panama and Guatemala have played in this competition regularly since.

In 2009 Costa Rica entered and hosted CONSUR B for the first time. The other teams were Venezuela, Colombia and Peru.

2009.12.02 Costa Rica v Venezuela    
Costa Rica, striped jersey, competing against Venezuela CONSUR B 2009.

Cadejos RC
Universidad de Costat Rica RC
Atlética RC
Herediana RC



The Associación Guatemalteca de Rugby was founded in 2007. From the same year Guatemala has participated in various Central American tournaments. These are not regarded as official test matches.

A good article on the history of rugby in Guatemala is here

Guatemala defeated Coast Rica 24-19 in the 2012 Rainforest Sevens.

Xela RFC
Guatemala RC
Antigua RC
Santa Rosa RC
Guatemala Quetzel RC
San Jose Maria RC
Toros Reu RC


Logo - El Salvador Rugby[1]

The "Torogoces" rugby club started playing matches against Guatemalan clubs in 2009, entering the Guatemala club competition the same year.

Federacion Salvadorena de Rugby is the governing body.

Cuscatlan RC
Santa Tecla RC
Both the above teams participate in the club league with Guatemala.

More details and a list of present nations players at


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