Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Uruguay v Russia in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)

Venue: Arch of Triumph Stadium


Both teams arrived in Bucharest with a number of new players in their squads. This is nothing unusual for this tournament. Uruguay had to leave eight top players at home.“I would have liked to have them here,” said head-coach Pablo Lemoine, “but they had jobs to go back to after the South American championship and we had to bring some of the aspiring players to Bucharest. That was visible against Romania and will definitely hamper our progress. For teams like ours every match is important and we cannot afford to relax.”

Russian coach Kingsley Jones is in the same position.

IRB Ranking points will apply to this test match. Both teams will be giving all to win this important clash.

Previous Encounters
19.06.2010 Russia 38-19 in Harrison (Churchill Cup, 5th-6th Playoff)
21.06.2009 Russia 29-26 in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)
20.06.2008 Uruguay 23-19 in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)

Uruguay Last Five
08.06.2012 v Romania L 9-29 in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)
6.05.2012 v Brazil W 27-15 in Santiago (CONSUR A)
23.05.2012 v Chile W 27-26 in Santiago (CONSUR A)
20.05.2012 v Argentina L 5-40 in Santiago (CONSUR A)
19.11.2011 v Spain L 13-16 in Madrid (Friendly)

Russia Last Five
08.06.2012 v Italy XV L 17-33 in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)
19.05.2012 v Spain W 41-37 in Moscow (ENC 1A)
17.03.2012 v Georgia L 0-46 in Tblissi (ENC 1A)
10.03.2012 v Ukraine W 38-19 in Sotchi (ENC 1A)
25.02.2012 v Romania L 0-25 in Sochi (ENC 1A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table-Russia 21st, Uruguay 22nd

IRB Ranking Points
Russia 61.07, Uruguay 60.95

Prediction: Uruguay to bounce back and win by 3 points




15   Andrey Otrokov  Krasny Yar
14   Ivan Kotov  Yug-Krasnodar
13   Sergey Trishin  VVA-Podmoskovje
12   Alexander Makovetsky  Krasny Yar
11   Mikhail Babaev  VVA-Podmoskovye
10   Sergey Sugrobov  Slava Moscow
9   Alexander Shakirov  VVA-Podmoskovye
8   Victor Gresev  London Wasps, England
7   Artem Fatahkov  VVA-Podmoskovye
6   Andrey Temnov  Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk
5   Adam Byrnes Melbourne Rebels, Australia
4   Denis Antonov (Capt.) Slava Moscow
3   Innokenty Zykov  Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk
2   Valeriy Tsnobiladze Novokuznetsk
1   Alexey Volkov  VVA-Podmoskovye
16   Stanislav Sel'sky  Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk
17   Sergey Popov  Slava Moscow
18   Evgeny Pronenko  Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk
19   Alexander Voytov  VVA-Podmoskovye
20   Alexey Scherban  Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk
21   Paul Kvernadze  Spartak GM
22   Anton Ryabov  Krasny Yar
    HEAD COACH: Kingsley Jones


Uruguay team yet to be announced

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