Tuesday, June 12, 2012

IRB NATIONS CUP RUGBY TEST MATCH: Argentina Jaguars face hosts Romania

Argentina ‘A’ v Romania in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)

Venue: Arch of Triumph Stadium


This could well be the deciding match of this tournament. Both teams are undefeated and both teams won their round one matches comfortably.

Previous Encounters
19.06.2011 Argentina ‘A’ 37-13 in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)
13.06.2010 Romania 24-8 in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)

Argentina Jaguars defeated Portugal 41-9 last Wednesday

Romania Last Five
08.06.2012 v Uruguay W 29-9 in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)
31.05.2012 v Ukraine W 71-0 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)
17.03.2012 v Spain L 12-13 in Madrid (ENC 1A)
10.03.2012 v Georgia L 13-19 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)
25.02.2012 v Russia W 25-0 in Sochi (ENC 1A)

GWC Rugby Rankings and IRB Ranking points do not apply

Prediction: Romania by 3 points


ARGENTINA ‘A’ (Jaguars)

15   Ramiro Moyano  Lynx RC
14   Franco Sábato Asociación Alumni
13   Lisandro Lopez Gomez  La Tablada RC
12   Juan Pablo Socino Unattached
11   Matias Masera  Belgrano Athletic
10   Benjamin Madero (Capt.) San Isidro Club
9   Marco Bollini  Club Newman
8   Nicholas Azzorin  Liceo Naval RC
7   Ignacio Pasman  Club Champagnat
6   Javier Ortega Desio San Isidro Club
5   Lucas Ponce CUBA
4   Felipe Aranguren  Club University Buenos Aires
3   Nicholas Basile  Aurillac, France
2   Martin Garcia Veiga  Buenos Aires C & R
1   Francisco Piccinini San Isidro Club
16   Roberto Tejerizo  Tucumán Lawn Tennis RC
17   Matias Cortese  Córdoba Athletic RC
18   Lisandro Ahualli de Chazal Academic RC
19   Martin Chiappesoni  Atlético del Rosario
20   Santiago Mendez  San Isidro Club
21   Santiago González Iglesias  Asociación Alumni
22   Fernando Luna Córdoba Athletic RC
    HEAD COACH: Daniel Hourcade


Romanian team yet to be announced

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