Friday, June 8, 2012

IRB NATIONS TEST RUGBY: Portugal face the Jaguars

Portugal v Argentina Jaguars in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)

Venue: Arch of Triumph Stadium, Bucharest


Portugal has had a less than impressive European Nations Cup tournament in 2012. Their only win was against Spain. They lost to the Ukraine, breaking that nations long run of defeats. With a number of emerging players Portugal must make this tournament a blooding time for some new players.

The Argentine Jaguars do not get test caps. Ironically this squad is stronger than that which contested the CONSUR A tournament in Santiago. That Argentine side were awarded test ‘caps’.

This squad contains players who will more likely vie with present Argentine players for a place in the side that will contest the Rugby Championship. That competition will see Argentina join Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to replace the Tri-Nations Championship.

Previous Encounters
10.06.2011 Jaguars 25-21 in Bucharest (IRB Nations Cup)
21.11.2009 Jaguars 24-13 in Lisbon
24.06.2006 Jaguars 34-29 in Lisbon (IRB Nations Cup)

Portugal Last Five
17.03.2012 v Ukraine L 33-35 in Odessa (ENC 1A)
10.03.2012 v Spain W 23-17 in Lisbon (ENC 1A)
25.02.2012 v Georgia L 7-22 in Tblisi (ENC 1A)
11.02.2012 v Russia L 32-33 in Lisbon (ENC 1A)
04.02.2012 v Romania L 7-15 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)

GWC Rugby Rankings and IRB Ranking points do not count.

Prediction: Jaguars by 8 points




15   Pedro Leal Nice, France
14   Gonçalo Foro  CD University Lisboa
13   José Lima AEISAgronomia
12   Francisco Appleton CD University Lisboa
11   António Aguilar  GD Direito
10   Yannick Ricardo Castanet, France
9   Francisco Pinto Magalhães  CD University Lisboa
8   Tiago Girão   
7   Vasco Uva  GD Direito
6   Jacques Le Roux AEISAgronomia
5   Gonçalo Uva (Capt.) GD Direito
4   Eduardo Acosta GD Direito
3   Anthony Alves  Montauban, France
2   Vasco Marques CD Universitário do Porto
1   Christian Spachuk Bourgoin, France
16   Jorge Segurado  GD Direito
17   Thomas da Costa Lourdes, France
18   Eric dos Santos Stade Montois, France 
19   João Pinheiro Paiva  AEISAgronomia
20   Manuel Costa Belenenses
21   Bernardo Campelo  AEISAgronomia
22   Nuno Penha e Costa CD University Lisboa
    COACH: Steve McDowell  



15   Ramiro Moyano  Lynx RC
14   Lisandro Lopez Gomez  La Tablada RC
13   Jerome De la Fuente  Duendes RC
12   Javier Rojas  Academic RC
11   Fernando Luna Córdoba Athletic RC
10   Santiago González Iglesias (Capt.) Asociación Alumni
9   Santiago Mendez  San Isidro Club
8   Lisandro Ahualli de Chazal  Academic RC
7   Martin Chiappesoni  Atlético del Rosario
6   Javier Ortega Desio  San Isidro Club
5   Cesar Fruttero  Jockey Club of Villa Maria RC
4   Felipe Aranguren  Club University Buenos Aires
3   Gaston Cortez  Córdoba Athletic RC
2   Matias Cortese  Córdoba Athletic RC
1   Roberto Tejerizo  Tucumán Lawn Tennis RC
16   Martin Garcia Veiga  Buenos Aires Cricket and Rugby C
17   Nicholas Basile  Aurillac, France
18   Nicholas Azzorin  Liceo Naval RC
19   Ignacio Pasman  Club Champagnat
20   Marco Bollini  Club Newman
21   Benjamin Madero  San Isidro Club
22   Matias Masera Belgrano Athletic
    HEAD COACH: Daniel Hourcade

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