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TEST RUGBY: ENC 2C. Austrians in Israel

Austria v Israel in Netanya (ENC 2C)

Venue: Wingate Stadium

Referee: G Kaloxylos (Greece)

DENMARK 2 1 1 0 35 34 1 0 0 6
AUSTRIA 2 1 0 1 31 31 0 0 1 5
HUNGARY 3 1 0 2 55 60 -5 0 1 5
ISRAEL 1 1 0 0 23 14 9 0 0 4
NORWAY 2 0 1 2 23 29 -6 0 1 3

Israel and Denmark are the only undefeated sides in this competition, which is a very even competition to date. Newcomers to this division, Israel already has a victory over leading side Hungary. A win today will push them into the lead position on the table. Neither side has played together as a team since October (Austria) and early November (Israel)

Israel are building upon their success in 2009 when they progressed as far as a match against Lithuania, two divisions above them at the time, in a World Cup qualifying game. Although eliminated, Israel went on to gain promotion to this division.

The Israelis have welcomed South African coach Pieter de Villiers to help with preparations. Article here

Austria has defeated Norway but lost away to Hungary in their ENC 2C games to date.

Previous Encounters
02.06.2001 Austria 21-6 in Vienna (WCQ Europe R1; FIRA 2)
23.11.1999 Israel 15-3 in Tel Aviv (WCQ Europe Pool 1, Rnd A)

Austria Last Five
06.11.2010 v Norway W 15-9 in Vienna (ENC 2C)
16.10.2010 v Hungary L 16-22 in Budapest (ENC 2C)
15.05.2010 v Hungary W 19-17 in Vienna (ENC 3B)
24.04.2010 v Denmark L 13-24 in Odense (ENC 3B)
14.11.2009 v Norway L 9-12 in Vienna (ENC 3B)

Israel Last Five
30.10.2010 v Hungary W 23-14 in Netanya (ENC 2C)
12.06.2010 v Finland W 13-6 in Helsinki (ENC 3C)
01.05.2010 v Luxembourg W 19-17 in Luxembourg (ENC 3C)
17.04.2010 v Greece W 39-0 in Netanya (ENC 3C)
10.04.2010 v Bulgaria W 50-10 in Netanya (ENC 3C)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Israel 29th, Austria 31st

IRB Ranking Points
Israel 40.44, Austria 36.87

Prediction: Israel by 9 points



Austria Squad

Forwards :
Wilfried Payer (RC Bad Reichenhall, Germany)
Manuel Polak (RC Donau)
Sebastian Borer (RC Donau)
Maximilian Müller (Innsbruck)
Milad Farkhondeh-Fal (RC Stade Viennois)
Chiu Gordon (RC Donau)
Andreas Gaul (RC Donau)
Lukas Kolb (RC Innsbruck)
Clemens Kaindl (Scotland club)
Amir Yassari (RC Stade Viennois)
Alexander Krauchenberger (RC Donau)
Jakob Liska (RC Stade Viennois)
Ferdinand Richter (Vallee du Girou, France)

Backs :
Musheg Aslanyan (Vienna Celtic RFC)
Max Navas (RC Donau)
Rudi Glock (RC Donau)
Michael Kerschbaumer (RC Donau)
Alexander Radomoriv (RC Donau)
Martin Leidl (RC Wombats Wr. Neustadt)
Marius Johannik (RC Donau)
Yvan Wever (RC Donau)
Nicolas Bignotti (Athletic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt, France)

Head Coach: Guy Mouysset

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Israel Squad not available

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