Saturday, April 23, 2011


Belgium v Netherlands in Amsterdam (ENC 1B)

Venue: National Stadium

Referee: Bargaunas (Romania)


There should be a huge crowd at the National Stadium in Amsterdam for this local derby rugby test match. Belgium and the Netherlands have a long rugby history going back to 1932 when they played their first test match against each other. There will also be a clash of different selection styles. Belgium has a large contingent of players based in France whilst the Netherlands has a tradition of player home-based players.

The Netherlands has struggled since their promotion to the second tier of ENC rugby. They have lost all three rugby tests to date without gaining a bonus point and without being a threat. They have finally settled upon a coach. Hopefully the team work will develop. They have grouped their final three rugby test matches in a row at this end of the season. Their next match will be a tough away match against Moldova. If they are to end their season with a win, this home game would appear to be their only chance.

Belgium has only lost to Poland away this season. They are building a formidable side under long-serving coach McClintock. They should, on form, win.

Last Five Encounters
03.04.2008 Belgium 51-3 in Brussels (ENC 2A)
05.05.2007 Belgium 27-20 in Amsterdam (ENC 2A)
16.04.2005 Belgium 15-10 in Vise (WCQ Europe R2, Pool C)
17.03.2004 Netherlands 18-10 in Vise (Friendly)
22.01.2003 Belgium 32-25 in Middleburg (Friendly)

The Netherlands last defeated Belgium at home in 1987, winning 10-8 in Hilversum. These two teams have a long history of international competition, going back to 1932.

Belgium Last Five
19.03.2011 v Germany W 28-25 in Brussels (ENC 1B)
12.03.2011 v Poland L 21-28 in Gdansk (ENC 1B)
12.02.2011 v Moldova W 20-5 in Brussels (ENC 1B)
13.11.2010 v Czech Republic W 24-12 in Prague (ENC 1B)
06.11.2010 v Canada L 12-43 in Brussels (Friendly)

Netherlands Last Five
18.04.2011 v Poland L 18-32 in Cracovie (ENC 1B)
27.11.2010 v Germany L 10-29 in Amsterdam (ENC 1B)
20.11.2010 v Czech Republic L 13-25 in Amsterdam (ENC 1B)
24.04.2010 v Croatia L 14-16 in Split (ENC 2B)
17.04.2010 v Malta W 19-0 in Amsterdam (ENC 2B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Belgium 13th, Netherlands 21st

IRB Ranking Points
Belgium 55.96, Netherlands 48.33

Prediction: Belgium by 13 points



15 Bart Viguurs (RC The Dukes)
14 Bas Cornelisse (RC 't Gooi)
13 Fedde Lingsma (RC Hilversum)
12 Richard van den Broek
11 Jay Jay Boske (RC Hilversum)
10 Leon Koenen (LRC DIOK)
9 Rik Roovers (RC Etten-Leur)
8 Jordy Bonhof (LRC DIOK)
7 Chappy van vliet
6 Tjebbe Jehee (LRC DIOK)
5 Scott Smith
4 Maurice Stahlecker (RC Hilversum)
3 Rob Rijnholt (RC Hilversum)
2 Duncan Jansen
1 Allard Jonkers (RC 't Gooi)
16 Costin Buburuzan
17 Catalin Buburuzan (RC The Dukes)
18 Patrick Brooijmans
19 Jason Knox (RC 't Gooi)
20 Augustin Garello
21 Arko Hoonderd
22 Floris van de Ruit (URC)
Head Coach: Silvester Ramaker

Thanks to Jacqueline Reus, NRB


Belgium Squad
Thibaut André (Soignies)
Julien Berger (La Rochelle, France)
Bertrand Billi (Soignies)
Christophe Debaty (Limoges, France)
Mika De Molder (Boitsfort)
Thomas Dienst (Lille, France)
Denis Eppe (ROC Ottignies)
Sébastien Guns (Boitsfort)
Dirk Haghedooren (Cap d’Agde, France)
Julien Hanchir (Milau, France)
Pierre Hendrikx (Boitsfort)
Daniel Janssens (Chateaubriand, France)
Simon Marote (Brussels University Club)
Julien Massimi (Saint-Etienne, France)
Nicolas Meeus (Kituro)
Jimmy Mulumba (Gennevilliers, France)
Pierre Plasman (Dendermonde)
Frédéric Rongé (Kituro)
Damien Verhaeghen (Coq Mosan, France)
Mathieu Verschelden (ASUB)
Norman Wende (Saint-Etienne, France)
Jérôme Wey (Saint-Nazaire, France)
Alan Williams (Montluçon, France)
Head Coach: Richard McClintock

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