Thursday, April 28, 2011


United Arab Emirates v Kazakhstan in Abu Dhabi (Asia5Nations)

Japan v Hong Kong in Hong Kong (Asia5Nations)
Netherlands v Moldova in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
Latvia v Lithuania in Klaipedia (ENC 2A)
Croatia v Malta in La Valette (ENC 2A)
Switzerland v Slovenia in Ljubliana (ENC 2B)
Bahamas v Bermuda in Hamilton (NACRA Caribbean Champ., North R3)
Barbados v British Virgin Islands in Tortola (NACRA Caribbean Champ., South R2)

The Asia5Nation competition continues this weekend with Japan playing after a bye last weekend. Japan is the team they have to catch. Last year they defeated Hong Kong by ninety points. This year they travel to Hong Kong where they will find the locals already with two wins from two matches under their belt. Kazakhstan travels to Abu Dhabi. Hopefully they will have their Russian-based players available to strengthen the side. The Emirates will play their first test match on home soil and will be looking to defeat the visitors and thus distance themselves from relegation.

The European Nations Cup competition warms up now that spring is in the European air. The Netherlands have an up hill battle to defeat Moldova away. The Dutch are at the bottom of the points table and are likely to stay there. Latvia meets their rapidly rising neighbours Lithuania, Malta hosts Croatia while Slovenia hosts Switzerland.

The NACRA Caribbean Championship continues with Bermuda and The Bahamas entering the North Zone for the first time whilst British Virgin Islands and Barbados slug it out in the South Zone to see who qualifies for round 3.

This will be a great weekend of test rugby. Where would I like to be sitting in the stands? Hamilton, Bermuda gets my pick. Sun and rugby. A great combination and two evenly matches teams. Keep an eye out for me. I’m the one wearing the red hat and blue tie!

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