Saturday, April 16, 2011

RUGBY TEST MATCH: Hong Kong in Philippines

Hong Kong v Philippines in Manilla (Friendly)

Venue: Nomads Sports Stadium



The Philippines has bravely invited Hong Kong to play two matches in Manilla providing practise and preparations for both sides as the Asia 5 Nations and Asia Championships matches begin. They can expect a tough encounter against Hong Kong but it will strengthen them for their matches in Division 1.

For Hong Kong, the venture is further evidence that they are prepared to do whatever to build this team to a position to challenge the might of Japan in Asian rugby. In November they toured Europe for the second time in two years.

Hong Kong will arrive in Manilla without a number of regulars due to injury and work commitments. So the eventaul team for Saturday will be below strength but I would still fancy the visitors to be too strong for the locals.

Hong Kong won a practise match on Wednesday by 64-7 which doesn’t bode well for the local team.

These two teams have not met before.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-Hong Kong 2nd, Philippines 11th

IRB Ranking points do not apply

Prediction: Hong Kong by 63 points



Philippines Squad

Phil Abraham, JC Bautista, Terry Carroll, Austin Dacanay, Michael de Guzman, Jay Flores, Ronald Fong, Kit Guerra, Chris Hitch, Josh Inong, Freddy Morris, Nick Pineda, Josh Sutcliffe, Jaime Urquijo, Andrew Wolff, Raf Zappia, Rupert Zappia


Arnold Arinion, Dave Carman, Justin Coveney, Chris Everingham, Cleo Gomez, Christian Kennedy, Jake Letts, Michael Letts, John Morales, Patrice Olivier, Oliver Saunders, Ned Stephenson, Kenny Stern


Hong Kong Training Squad For Asia5Nations
Ross Armour (Valley RFC)
Tim Alexander (Valley RFC)
Jack Bennett (Valley RFC)
Renaud Chavanis (Valley RFC)
Alvin Chik, Man Hon (Valley RFC)
Charles French (HKFC)
Mark Goosen (Kowloon RFC)
Alex Harris (Kowloon RFC)
Nick Hewson (Valley RFC)
Jamie Hood (HKFC)
Kenneth ,Hsieh Chun Hang (HKCC)
Lee Jones (Valley RFC)
Oliver Jones (HKFC)
Kwok, Ka Chun (Kowloon RFC)
Phil Leung (DeA RFC)
Andrew Li (Kowloon RFC)
Tom McColl, Captain, (Kowloon RFC)
Peter McKee (HKFC)
Alex McQueen (HKCC)
Terence Montgomery (Valley RFC)
Alex Ng, Wai Shing (Valley RFC)
Matthew Nuttall (Kowloon RFC)
Guy Payn (HKFC)
Sebastian Perkins (HKFC)
Adam Raby (HKFC)
Keith Robertson (DeA RFC)
Niall Rowark (Valley RFC)
Simon Smith (HKCC)
Peter Spizziri (HKFC)
Pale Tauti (DeA RFC)
Brent Taylor (Valley RFC)
Tsang, Hing Hung (DeA RFC)
Rowan Varty (DeA RFC)
Michael Waller (DeA RFC)
Yiu, Kam Shing (Valley RFC)
Head Coach: Dai Rees

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