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RUGBY TEST MATCH: Kazakhstan Hosts Hong Kong

Hong Kong v Kazakhstan in Almaty (Asai5Nations)

Venue: National University Stadium



Last year Kazakhstan lost by 4 points to Hong Kong in Hong Kong. Image thanks to

Both teams enter this match as the leading teams in Asian rugby, behind Japan. Both sides leaked 100 points to Japan last season. Last year Kazakhstani rugby came of age as they defeated Korea in the Asia5Nations and World Cup qualifying match pushing Hong Kong into third spot. Hong Kong will be out to correct that!

Hong Kong has had an impressive build up to this game. Firstly, they toured Europe in November for a loss and a win. It was a great opportunity to blood some new players. Secondly, they have had the advantage of a warm-up game against Philippines in Manilla, another opportunity to blood players.

Not much is known about the present Kazakhstan side for this match. Preview here in Russian

Previous Encounters
08.05.2010 Hong Kong 19-15 in Hong Kong (Asia5Nations)
24.05.2009 Kazakhstan 25-6 in Almaty (Asia5Nations)
03.05.2008 Hong Kong 23-17 in Hong Kong (Asia5Nations)

Hong Kong Last Five
16.04.2011 v Philippines W 70-10 in Manilla (Friendly)"
15.12.2010 v Norway W 59-17 in Oslo (Europe Tour)
11.12.2010 v Germany L 13-34 in Heidelberg (Europe Tour)
22.05.2010 v Japan L 5-94 in Tokyo (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)
08.05.2010 v Kazakhstan W 19-15 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)

Kazakhstan Last Five
17.07.2010 v Uruguay L 7-44 in Montevideo (WCQ Repechage 1)
22.05.2010 v Korea W 32-25 in Incheon (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)
15.05.2010 v Japan L 7-101 in Tokyo (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)
08.05.2010 v Hong Kong L 15-19 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)
24.04.2010 v Arabian Gulf W 43-28 in Almaty (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table-Kazakhstan 26th, Hong Kong 27th
Asia Table-Hong Kong 2nd, Kazakhstan 3rd

IRB Ranking Points
Kazakhstan 55.38, Hong Kong 52.49

Prediction: Kazakhstan by 4



Hong Kong
15. Ross Armour (Valley)
14. Yiu, Kam Shing, Salom (Valley)
13. Thomas McColl, Capt.
12. Lee Jones
11. Rowan Varty (DeA)
10. Keith Robertson (DeA)
9. Peter McKee (HKFC)
8. Pale Tauti (DeA)
7. Mark Goosen (Kowloon)
6. Nick Hewson
5. Oliver Jones (HKFC)
4. Charles French (HKFC)
3. Ng, Wai Shing, Alex (Valley)
2. Brent Taylor (Valley)
1. Andrew Li (Kowloon)
16. Alex Harris (Kowloon) / Chik, Man Hon, Alvin (Valley) both travelling due to injury concerns
17. Pete Spizziri (HKFC)
18. Renaud Chavanis (Valley)
19. Terence Montgomery (Valley)
20. Timothy Alexander (Valley)
21. James Hood (HKFC)
21. Simon Smith (HKCC)
Head Coach: Dai Rees

Injured list
‘Simon Leung, captain of the side in last year’s A5N; Mark Wright and the Haynes brothers, Ed and Anthony’.


Kazakhstan Team not available

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