Saturday, April 13, 2013

USA SOUTH v BAHAMAS: NACRA Caribbean championship


The USA South reached another stage in their bid to win the NACRA Caribbean Championship North Zone competition. So far they have defeated Mexico 50-23 and Jamaica 29-12. Playing away to the Bahamas will be a tough assignment for the American’s but their form is very good and they have managed to retain much of their squad over the three games.

Prediction: USA South by 10 points

USA South Squad
Ethan Winel (Chattanooga)*, Eduardo Herrera (Bocca)*, Jason Hinchman (Charlotte)*, Saadiq Ziyad (Life), Stephen Hickey (Augusta)*, Tyler Bishop (Tallahassee)*, Derek Wolfe (Nashville)*, Brenden Smith (Birmingham)*, Saade Bou-Mikael (New Orleans), Lucas Biastrocchi (Univ. of Florida)*, Ty Elkins (Charlotte)*, Jeff Reuther (New Orleans), Amir Kahn (Univ. of North Carolina)*, Chance Doyle (New Orleans), Ben Winiarczyk (Auburn Univ.)*

Substitutes: Wayne Chermley (Knoxville)*, Matt Upton (New Orleans), Matt Abernathy (Knoxville), Tim Herff (North Florida), Jake Finger (Charlotte), Rod Ceasar (Renegades), Grant Snyder (Nashville) ... hamas.html

I think the * means new player to the squad.

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