Saturday, April 13, 2013

ENC 2D World Cup Qualifying Europe R1

Luxembourg v Bosnia Herzegovina in Tesanj
Norway v Greece in Athens

NORWAY 3 2 0 1 51 27 24 1 1 10
LUXEMBRG 2 2 0 0 31 22 9 0 4 8
GREECE 2 1 0 1 33 30 3 0 1 5
FINLAND 3 1 0 2 30 59 -29 0 1 5
BOSNIA H. 2 0 0 2 26 33 -7 0 2 2

All these are important games in this division which appears a fairly even contest. Bottom placed Finland defeated Greece away last week and dragged themselves off the bottom of the points table. So anything could happen.

Bosnia Herzegovina by 5 v Luxembourg
Norway by 10 v Greece



Forwards for Bosnia are, in no particular order,:

S. Rezapour - Swansea Uni and RCL

P Bernard - RCL

M. Garcia-Polak - No club

K. Zimmer- Walferdange,

C. Hoffmann - Trier ( Germany)

C. Narcisse- TYGRE (France)

J. da Col- Walferdange,

T. Seite- Walferange

T. Sacaze- No club

V. Giffard - France

J. Limpach - No club

N. Sharplin- RCL

J. Louw - No Club


Backs for Bosnia are, in no particular order,

W. Dennis- No club

D Bessieres - RCL

B. Cohen-Sabban - No Club

C Keane - No Club

Y Ketema - No Club

R. Dex - RCL

A. Timmermans - No Club

P. Vimond - RCL

T. Bernard - No Club

C Rossa - No Club


‘The players with no club next to their names, only train and play international rugby or are from CSCE which does not have a senior section only juniors up to under 19s, but CSCE are very politically powerful on the Luxembourg Federation. Though CSCE almost entirely contributed all the players to the Lux under 18s which did well in a recent tournament beating Switzerland, though very few CSCE players ever play for the clubs in Luxembourg or the national team after the under 19s and disappear.


I have been informed the strategy is to cap as many young players as possible from CSCE in order to retain them for the national team and keep a number of older experienced player who no longer player any club rugby and are considered better than the current club players in Luxembourg.’

From ‘Rugbynut”



Norway squad from ... -vs-norway


Forwards 13

Kim Robin Pettersen - (ECB RK)

Even Ellingsen - (Blindern RK)

Erlend Meldalen - (Blindern RK)

Pascal Raclin - (Oslo RK)

Sondre Gundersen - (Southend RFC)

Joe Bula - (Gloppen RK)

Markus Sourlas - (Bergen RK)

Andreas Fyri - (Oslo RK (Captain ))

Michael Urbanski - (Bergen RK)

Nick Sæby - (Stavanger RK)

Axel Wilhelmsen - (Bergen RK )

Anthony Duchene - (Oslo RK)

Shelton Davis - (ECB RK)


Backs 10


Kristoffer Borsheim - (Stavanger RK)

Tommy Kjønniksen - (Fredrikstad RK)

Simen Hammer - (ECB RK)

Finn Gormley - (Corinthians RFC)

Rob Gannon - (Oslo RK)

Thierry Davy - (Blindern RK)

Sam Hedger - (Bergen RK)

Kristian Elgheim - (Nestle Rowntree RUFC)

Andre Slaatta - (Bergen RK)

Anders Teigland - (Trinity hall RFC)

All other team line ups unavailable

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