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ARGENTINA v URUGUAY: World Cup Qualifying Americas; CONSUR A

Argentina v Uruguay in Montevideo

Argentina has already qualified for the 2015 Rugby World Cup finals. The team that comes second will qualify for the repechage section. That team will play the loser of the USA-Canada series to be played later in the year. The winner of that game goes directly to the World Cup finals.

The team from Argentina will officially be classed as a test side and all the fixtures will be regarded as test matches. This is despite the fact the following Argentine players were not considered; The elite squad, the Jaguars (Argentina A) and the Pampas XV (the side that plays in the South African domestic series. In effect this will Argentina’s 4th side.

This could mean that Uruguay has a chance of winning this game. Last year they lost 5-40 to Argentina in the first round, then defeated Chile by 1 point before defeating Brazil 27-15. However it is most likely that this Argentine side will end up with more pace and skill that their Latin American neighbours. I would expect the result to be closer than last year.

Prediction: Argentina by 20 points



1- Ignacio Saenz Lancuba, 2- Mauricio Guidone, 3- Matías Díaz; 4- Tomas Lavanini, 5- Cesar Fruttero; 6- Francisco Panessi, 7- Fidel Lamy, 8- Santiago Rocchia; 9- Santiago Mendéz (C), 10- Sebastián Poet; 11- German Schultz, 12- Juan Cappiello, 13- Joaquín Paz (Cordoba Athletic), 14- Dan Isaack, 15- Tomas Carrio
Subs: 16- Santiago Iglesias, 17- Santiago García Botta, 18- Tomás Gilardon, 19- Tomás Borghi, 20- Martín Chiappesoni, 21- Pedro Imhoff, 22- Patricio Fernández, 23- Santiago Alvarez.


1- Rodolfo De Mula, 2- Arturo Ávalo (C), 3- Óscar Durán; 4- Mathías Palomeque, 5- Alejandro Nieto; 6- Juan De Freitas, 7- Santiago Vilaseca, 8- Diego Magno; 9- Agustín Ormaechea, 10- Alejo Duran; 11- Leandro Leivas, 12- Rodrigo Martinez, 13- Santiago Gibernau, 14- Andrñes Vilaseca, 15- Jeroino Etcheverry.
Subs: –Not yet known

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