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ENC 2A World Cup Qualifying Europe R3

Lithuania v Switzerland in Nyon (WCQ Europe R3; ENC 2A)
Malta v Netherlands in Amsterdam (WCQ Europe R3; ENC 2A)

NETHERL. 2 2 0 0 48 23 25 0 0 8
SWITZ. 3 2 0 1 55 54 1 0 0 8
MALTA 3 1 0 2 63 56 7 1 1 6
CROATIA 2 1 0 1 40 48 -8 0 0 4
LTHUANIA 2 0 0 2 33 58 -25 0 0 0

These are all important games in a very even division. Only Lithuania has looked out of sorts and is not the team they were a few seasons ago.

The Lithuanians will struggle away to Switzerland as it is reported that their England-based players have not been released by their clubs. The price of fame.

The Swiss won well away to Malta last weekend and could well head the table at weekend’s end.

’Lithuania had some problems preparing for their first internation of the year due to the never ending 2013 winter... ... 671-325189
If translation is correct, some England based players not available due to the clubs needing them for play-off games.’

From ‘Quentin’ at

The Netherlands have two crucial matches over the next two weekends. They play Malta at home this weekend and then travel to Croatia next weekend. They must win both games to stay in the lead.

’For the Netherlands again only 1 player who plays his rugby abroad.
A very remarkable selection is Rik van Balkom making his debut on no. 9. Not remarkable since he was a member the Netherlands U18 and now the U19 squad.
The remarkable thing is that he is playing in the Dutch third division and that he is playing instead of Rik Roovers who is regarded as the biggest talent of Dutch senior rugby today.
It could be due to injury but I suspect it is more a case of blooding new talent and that he will be replaced after 30 minutes or so.
It seems the Dutch are confident to win this one.’

From ‘Silver Fox’ at

Malta could be the surprise package this weekend. They are basically a good team and could win in Amsterdam.

Switzerland by 20 v Lithuania
Netherlands by 5 v Malta



15 Bart Viguurs (RC The Dukes)

14 Sep Visser (Edinburgh Rugby, Scotland)

13 Vincent Booiman (RC 't Gooi)

12 Richard van der Broek - captain (RC The Dukes)

11 Nikolas Verhoeven (RC The Dukes)

10 Storm Carroll (RC Hilversum)

9 Rik van Balkom (Oysterwijk Oysters RC)

8 Caine Elisara (Castricum RC)

7 Vincent Grimbergen (LRC DIOK)

6 Thomas Altink (LRC DIOK)

5 Jan Ketelings (Utrecht RC)

4 Alexander Kuipers (RC 't Gooi)

3 Hugo Langelaan (RC 't Gooi)

2 Costin Buburuzan (RC The Dukes)

1 Allard Jonkers (RC 't Gooi)

16 Huey van Vliet (Haagsche RC) New cap

17 Bart Jan Romijn (Haagsche RC) New cap

18 Johan Baas (Haagsche RC)

19 Hesam Fahimi ((RC The Dukes)

20 Jasper Gubbens (RC Hilversum)

21 Rik Roovers (RC Hilversum)

22 Jay Jay Boske (RC Hilversum)

23 Leon Koenen (LRC DIOK)

Head Coach: Alexander Chang

Adapted from

Switzerland squad

Benjamin SCHAERER, FC Grenoble (FRA)

Mathieu PAUL, St-Paul-lès-Dax (FRA)

Cyril LAFUYE, SO Chambéry (FRA)


Cyril COULOT, RC Yverdon

Nicolas GUYOU, RC Chateaurenard (FRA)

Jonathan WULLSCHLEGER, St-Priest Rugby (FRA)

Cyril LIN, CA Lannemezanais (FRA), capitaine

Simon PERROD, US Oyonnax (FRA)

Benoît CAMPS, RC Suresnois (FRA)

Matthieu GUYOU-KREIS, RC Maison-Lafitte (FRA)

Ghislain MONTIEL, US Annecy (FRA)

Sylvain HIRSCH, RC Genève PLO

Benjamin DOY, US Oyonnax (FRA)

Thibault GERY, FC Grenoble (FRA)

Eddy GOMBAS, RC Avusy

Maxime LUCON, US Oyonnax (FRA)

Clément BARTSCHI, AS Villeurbanne EL (FRA)

Johannes KUNG, GC Zürich

Alexandre COULLON, Nyon RC

Hugo BOCHERENS, US Seynoise (FRA)

Iain MOWAT, Hermance RRC

Nicolas DIMITRI, St-Médard RC (FRA)

Jake SEREX, ES Santboiana (ESP)

Arnaud RAMEY, RO Agathois (FRA)

Achille TOUCHAIS, RC Genève PLO

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