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Chile v Brazil in Temuca (WCQ Americas; CONSUR A

The final leg of the first round of World Cup qualifying matches begins in South America. CONSUR is the organising body for that region.

Brazil retained its place in CONSUR A after defeating Paraguay, the winner of CONSUR B, last September.

The Brazilians, rather strangely, begin this tournament with a flight to Chile to play the local side. I say strange because all the other games are in Montevideo. This gives a huge home advantage to the one team Brazil is more likely to defeat,

Brazil had a warm up test series a week ago against Mexico at home. Brazil won both tests 50-14 and 76-5.

Chile will be a far more difficult opposition, especially at home. Last year the Brazilians pushed Chile before losing 6-19. Playing their second string side the Brazilians were thumped 110-0 by Argentina. Brazil then put in a desperate effort against Uruguay, finally losing 15-27. Their aim will be to win one game either against Chile or Uruguay.

Prediction: Chile by 10 points



1 Francisco Deformes 2 Manuel Gurruchaga 3 Sergio de la Fuente 4 Matías Cabrera 5 Pablo Huete 6 Rolando Pellerano, 7 Benjamin Soto 8 Rodrigo Tobar (C) 9 Juan Pablo Perrotta, 10 Francisco Cruz, 11 Mauricio Urrutia, 12 José Larenas, 13 Felipe Brangier, 14 Francisco Neira 15 Javier Valderrama.
Subs: 16 Felipe Diaz, 17 Renzo Bacigalupo, 18 Roberto Oyarzun, 19 Allan Guillof, 20 Simon Pardakhty, 21 Atilio Menichetti, 22 Pedro Verschae, 23 Felipe Porter.


1 Lucas Abud, 2 Daniel Danilewicz "Nativo" (C) 3 Jardel Vettorato, 4 Lucas Croffi, 5 Lucas Piero "Bruxinho", 6 João Luiz da Ros "Ige" 7 Matheus Daniel "Matias" 8 Diego Lopez "Diegão" 9 Leandro Castiglione "Leco" 10 Lucas Duque "Tanque" 11 Lucas Tranquez "Zé", 12 Daniel Gregg 13 Moisés Duque 14 Gustavo Krahembuhl "Ogum" 15 Matheus Silva "Tcheus".
Subs: 16 Jardel Mendonça "Cocão" 17 Jonatas Paulo "Chabal" 18 Saulo Oliveira, 19 Danilo Taino "Camisa" 20 João Dias Neto "Torosso" 21 Pedro Lopes "Pedrinho" 22 Marcos Cervi "Grampola" 23 Leonardo Frota "Leozão".

Line ups thanks to ‘victorsra’ at

Argentina v Uruguay in Montevideo (WCQ Americas; CONSUR A)

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