Saturday, November 3, 2012

GERMANY v POLAND: World Cup Qualifying, Europe R4 European Nations Cup, Division 1B

Germany v Poland in Gdansk (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B)


Venue: Stadion MOSiR

Referee: Vladimir Pikhovin (Russia)


SWEDEN 2 1 0 1 64 28 36 1 0 5
GERMANY 1 1 0 0 46 28 18 1 0 5
UKRAINE 2 1 0 1 50 56 -6 1 0 5
POLAND 1 1 0 0 29 3 26 0 0 4
CZECH REP. 1 0 0 1 3 29 -26 0 0 0
MOLDOVA 1 0 0 1 6 54 -48 0 0 0

Germany and Poland have each played one test match in this division so far this season. Germany had an impressive 46-28 win over a somewhat weakened Ukrainian side last weekend while Poland began its campaign in early October with an equally impressive 29-3 win over Czech Republic away in Prague.

Since losing to Poland 8-34 in Gdansk last November Germany has gone from strength to strength. Their only loss was by one point to Belgium who were eventually promoted to ENC 1A at the end of the 2010-12 competition.

Poland now has an impressive list of players playing in the French leagues.

Other comments
For Germany ‘France based players Robert Mohr and Mark Sztyndera not available this week. Seems that they intend to take 22 players rather than the now permitted 23’.’Quentin’

‘For Poland Cedric Vaissiere, Tom Jankowski and Tomasz Gasik are out of the squad due to injury; in their places are Daniel Trybus, Marek Płonka and Rafał Szrejber.’ ‘Quentin’ at

This will bring Poland back towards Germany as far as playing strength goes. I expect Poland to win..just!

Last Five Encounters
19.11.2011 Poland 34-8 in Gdansk (ENC 1B)
20.11.2010 Poland 22-17 in Frankfurt (ENC 1B)
16.05.2004 Germany 34-10 in Hannover (ENC 2A)
29.03.2003 Germany 37-15 in Gdansk (ENC 2A)
06.04.2002 Poland 20-12 in Warsaw (WCQ/FIRA Europe R2, Pool B)

Poland has had very much the better of the last two encounters of these teams, especially their last game in Gdansk where they were too good for the visitors.Their record has also been impressive since last November. Their only loss was also to Belgium, by 7 points in Brussels in April of this year.

I expect the Poles with their France-based contingent to prevail over the visitors.

Germany Last Five P 5, W 3, L 2
27.10.2012 v Ukraine W 46-28 in Berlin (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B)
24.03.2012 v Moldova W 40-7 in Heidelberg (ENC 1B)
17.03.2012 v Belgium L 29-30 in Heusenstamm (ENC 1B)
10.03.2012 v Czech Republic W 20-17 in Prague (ENC 1B)
19.11.2011 v Poland L 8-34 in Gdansk (ENC 1B)

Poland Last Five P 5, W 3, D 1, L 1
06.10.2012 v Czech Republic W 29-3 in Prague (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B)
21.04.2012 v Netherlands W 32-19 in Amsterdam (ENC 1B)
07.04.2012 v Belgium L 13-20 in Brussels (ENC 1B)
19.11.2011 v Germany W 34-8 in Gdansk (ENC 1B)
12.11.2011 v Moldova D 17-17 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Germany 9th, Poland 15th

IRB Ranking Points
Poland 56.38, Germany 54.61

Prediction: Poland by 5 points


Poland Squad

Forwards : Kamil Bobryk, Grzegorz Janiec, Eric Piorkowski, Marcin Wilczuk, Jean Boutes, Thomas Pretkowski, Sławomir Kaszuba, Tomasz Hebda, Michał Krużycki, Kacper Ławski, Stanisław Niedźwiecki, Etienne Zyk, Mateusz Bartoszek, Tom Jankowski;


Backs : Łukasz Szostek, Cedric Vaissiere, Dawid Popławski, David Chartier, Leandre Billaud, Alexandre Beccuau, Tomasz Stępień, Romuald Berthe, Krzysztof Hotowski, Tomasz Gasik.


Reserves : Adrian Chróściel, Kamil Wydrzyński, Marek Płonka, Daniel Trybus, Wojciech Piotrowicz, Robert Andrzejczuk.



Germany Squad


Forwards: Anjo Buckman, Benjamin Danso, Alexander Widiker, Arthur Zeiler, Kehoma Brenner, Samy Füchsel (all Heidelberger RK), Tim Kasten (unattached), Manuel Wilhelm (RG Heidelberg), Alexander Hug (TSV Handschuhsheim), Pascal Drügemöller (SC Neuenheim), Rob May (TV Pforzheim), Benjamin Krause (Hannover 78), Stéphane Kohler (Hermance Region RC/FRA)


Backs: Sean Armstrong, Pieter Jordaan, Raynor Parkinson, Steffen Liebig, Rafael Pyrasch (all Heidelberger RK), Kieran Manawatu (SC Frankfurt 1880), Marten Strauch (SC Neuenheim), Mustafa Güngör (TV Pforzheim), Benjamin Simm (Hannover 78)


On standby: Marcus Bender (TSV Handschuhsheim), Elmar Heimpel, Bastian Himmer (both RG Heidelberg), Carlos Soteras-Merz (TV Pforzheim), Jörn Schröder (Hannover 78)


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