Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AZERBAIJAN v SLOVAKIA; European Nations Cup Div.3


Venue: Kemer

Referee: F. Gracianette (France)

Slovakia lost 6-34 to Turkey on Sunday. I know nothing about the Azerbaijan team except that they are in Turkey and this game will go ahead as scheduled.

GWC Rugby Rankings do not apply as Azerbaijan did not participate in test rugby in 2011.

Prediction: This should a more even contest than Sunday’s. Slovakia has a combination and acclimatisation advantage and should win by 10 points.



Slovakia Squad

Martin Janžo ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Michal Mihálik ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Michal Kučera ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Andrej Náter ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Martin Mihalka ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Patrik Grunner ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Ľuboš Orlický ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Andrej Rabara ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Daniel Puha ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Antoine Valade ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Ondrej Štefanšich ( 1.RC Slovan BA)

Martin Májovský ( RC Old Reigatians / ENG)

Pavel Kozubík ( RC Havířov CZE)

Petr Kozubík (RC Havířov CZE)

Vlastimil Hodáň (RC Brno Bystrc CZE)

Marcel Mana (RC Olomouc CZE)

Patrik Poledna (RC Olomouc CZE)

Radek Fialka (RC Vyškov CZE)

Ján Pfeifer (RC Praga CZE)

Juraj Frank (RC Praga CZE)

Martin Štefl (RC Praga CZE)

Peter Kalina (RC Praga CZE)

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Azerbaijan Squad not available.

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