Sunday, October 2, 2011

RUGBY WORLD CUP: Argentina 25, Georgia 7

Argentina were none too convincing in their win over Georgia here in Palmerston North.

It was a warm 20deg spring humid day with the threat of rain always present. The rain held off to become showers after the game.

Argentina will need to up their play a notch if they are to be competitive in the quarter finals. They reached the next stage of the 2011 Rugby World Cup by overcoming a tenacious Georgian side.

The Georgians led 7-5 at halftime and pulled away during the later stages of this match. But the Argentineans wont go any further if they play like they did today. Well done Georgia. You played to your strengths and there was a time after halftime when another upset looked possible. But it was not to be. The Pumas had enough class to outlast the Georgians.

RWC Day 19 004 RWC Day 19 001 RWC Day 19 002 RWC Day 19 003
As always the supporters came out with colours flying.
There was a stronger Puma presence at the ground.

RWC Day 19 008 RWC Day 19 005 RWC Day 19 006 RWC Day 19 007
The Pumas supporters made such noise as their team
left the ground to get ready for the match one would
have thought they had already won the game.
Much of the singing came from Pumas supporters.

RWC Day 19 014 RWC Day 19 009 RWC Day 19 010 RWC Day 19 011 RWC Day 19 012 RWC Day 19 013

The teams came onto the field to a thunderous
reception. Then they lined up for their nationsl

RWC Day 19 017 RWC Day 19 015 RWC Day 19 016

When Argentina scored their supporters began
singing and chanting. It is a real characteristics
of Latin American support. Very passionate, very

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