Friday, October 7, 2011


Luxembourg v Cyprus in Paphos (ENC 2D)

Venue: Paphiakos Stadium

Referee: Pechambert (France)


Whilst the roar of the 2011 Rugby World Cup can be heard around the world, test rugby takes place elsewhere.

Cyprus, despite being new to international rugby, have now played 11 tests on the trot without defeat. Of the 16 tests played since their first rugby international test match, in 2007, they have lost only one test.

With a large number of England-based players Cyprus looks to be the clear favourite.

Previous Encounter
07.05.2011 Cyprus 50-0 in Luxembourg (ENC 2D)

Cyprus Last Five
07.05.2011 v Luxembourg W 50-0 in Luxembourg (ENC 2D)
26.03.2011 v Finland W 70-10 in Paphos (ENC 2D)
12.03.2011 v Bulgaria W 55-8 in Paphos (ENC 2D)
20.11.2010 v Greece W 33-13 in Athens (ENC 2D)
27.03.2010 v Bosnia Herzegovina W 15-0 in Paphos (ENC 3D)

Luxembourg Last Five
07.05.2011 v Cyprus L 0-50 in Luxembourg (ENC 2D)
02.04.2011 v Greece L 18-30 in Athens (ENC 2D)
13.11.2010 v Bulgaria L 8-18 in Luxembourg (ENC 2D)
09.10.2010 v Finland W 18-10 in Helsinki (ENC 2D)
01.05.2010 v Israel L 17-19 in Luxembourg (ENC 3C)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Cyprus 34th, Luxembourg 38th

IRB Ranking points do not apply as Cyprus is not listed.

Prediction: Cyprus by 42 points


Luxembourg logo

Luxembourg Squad

Christophe Balthazard (RC Luxembourg)
Damien Bessieres (RC Luxembourg)
James Clarke (RC Luxembourg)
Steven Clarke (RC Luxembourg)
Julien da Col (RC Luxembourg)
Robin Dex (RC Luxembourg)
Max Dozin (RC Luxembourg)
Chris Ellis (RC Luxembourg)
Bryan Fage (RC Walferdange)
Vincent Giffard (RC Luxembourg)
Alexander Goodhew (RC Luxembourg)
Flavien Grimmer (?)
Cedric Handtschoewerker (?)
Stuart Kelly (RC Luxembourg)
Jan Louw (RC Luxembourg)
Scott Mckinlay (RC Luxembourg)
Saman Rezapour (RC Luxembourg)
Timothee Seite (RC Walferdange)
Ryan Shakespeare (RC Luxembourg)
Nigel Sharplin (RC Luxembourg)
Philippe Vimond (RC Luxembourg)
David Wilson (RC Luxembourg)
Head Coach: Martin Davis

Team lists thanks to ‘rugbynut’ at



Cyprus Squad

George Antoniades (Manchester University, England)
Christopher Dicomidis (Pontypridd RFC, Wales)
Fidias Efthymiou (University of West England RFC, England)
Dinu Floredan (Pafos Tigers)*
Marcus Holden (DIOK, Netherlands)
Sotiris Ioannou (Pafos Tigers)
Christo Kasabi (Enfield Ignations RFC, England)
Matthew King (Wilmslow RFC, England)
Lawrence Macrides (Chingford RFC, England)
Dimitri Maratheftis (Limassol Crusaders)
Dan McFarlane (Limassol Crusaders)
Marko Mladenovic (University of West England RFC, England)
Colm O'Cleirigh (Bective Rangers RFC, Ireland)
Nathan Pring (Paphos Tigers)
Andy Spring (Limassol Crusaders)
Chris Thoma (Pafos Tigers)*
Tony Thoma, Capt.Pafos Tigers)*
Burhan Torgut (Bromsgrove RFC, England)
Kiki Vatikiotis (Manchester RFC, England)
Andreas Zacharia (Lincoln University RFC, England)
Alex Zavallis (Stockport RFC, England)

Head Coach:

* Played in Cyprus first test match in 2007.

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