Saturday, October 15, 2011


Norway v Denmark in Odense (ENC 2C; Viking Tri Nations)

Venue: Athletic Stadium

Referee: Welfring (Luxembourg)

Norway has a slight advantage over their Danish visitors regarding results over the past two seasons. Norway’s record of a win and a draw is testament to an improvement in the standard of their international rugby, especially when compared to the results of their encounters in the 90’s.

The overall points table below paints a different picture. Denmark is a serious contender for promotion to ENC 2B for 2012-14 competition, whilst Norway is in grave danger of relegation to ENC 2D!. A win with a bonus point for Norway is what they need to catch the tail of the field.

“…the final game of this years Viking 3N which Sweden has already won so these two teams playing for 2nd and 3rd. Peter Burke has taken the position of Norway's head coach after the previously appointed Steve Bates was unable to commit to the role.”from ‘Quentin’

“…Søren Brobyskov that had 41 caps has decided to quit on national level.: ‘exile’

ISRAEL 4 3 0 1 77 55 22 0 0 12
DENMARK 4 2 1 1 78 76 2 0 1 11
HUNGARY 4 2 0 2 77 65 12 0 2 10
AUSTRIA 4 2 0 2 65 67 -2 0 1 9
NORWAY 4 0 1 3 31 65 -34 0 1 3

Last Five Encounters
16.10.2010 Drawn 14-14 in Oslo (ENC 2C)
17.09.2009 Norway 15-8 in Oslo (ENC 3B; Viking Cup)
11.04.2009 Denmark 20-18 in Odense (WCQ Euro. R1; ENC 3B)
24.10.1998 Denmark 45-7 in Aalborg (Friendly)
28.09.1997 Denmark 27-3 in Oslo (Friendly)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Denmark 30th, Norway 33rd

IRB Ranking Points
Denmark 40.60, Norway 35.43

Prediction: Denmark by 3 points



Danish Squad With Test Caps
Johannes Soussan, CSR (17)
Stefan Soussan, CSR (-)
Emad Libis, CSR (3)
Jesper Neumann, Erritsø (-)
Jesper G. Jensen, Erritsø (27)
Nathanael Smalley, Erritsø (18)
Jonas Haaning, FRK (38)
Llewellen Pillbeam, Exiles (-)
Sebastian Barrett, Meibion Plasmawr (-)
Andreas Robertson, Nottingham Uni (4)
Johannes Mackeprang, Speed (4)
Gaspard Nau Valbak, VGA Saint Maur (3)
Joshua Jensen, Tetbury (-)
Christian S. Jensen, ARK (9)
Mikkel S. Jensen, ARK (1)
Rasmus Mortensen, ARK (17)
Niels Gotfredsen, ARK (11)
Kasper Vad Pedersen, ARK (31)
Andy Nielsen, ARK (19)
Daniel Pilgaard, ARK (-)
Sylvester Michaelsen, Aalborg (7)
Michael Friis Larsen, Aalborg (-)
Landstræner: Ivan Andersen
Teknisk rådgiver: Christopher Adby
Fys: Stig Midtiby Jensen


Norway Squad

1. Kristina Ruffles Manager BSI Rugby
2. Nina Birgitte Engen Kiropraktor/Medisinsk ansvarlig Bergen Rugby Klubb
3. Severine Lescoffit Linjedommer Trondheim/NTNUi Rugby
4. Peter Burke Hovedtrener Oslo Rugby Klubb
5. Karl Frisch Assistent trener Bergen Rugby Klubb
6. Shelton Davis Assistent trener/spiller Tønsberg Rugby Klubb

7. Thomas Bichard Breaud Oslo Rugby Klubb
8. Kristoffer Borsheim Stavanger Rugby Klubb
9. Joe Bula Gloppen Rugby Klubb
10. James Buncle Civic RFC, London
11. Alex Diessner Stavanger Rugby Klubb
12. Even Ellingsen Blindern Rugby Klubb
13. Erlend Granly Meldalen Blindern Rugby Klubb
14. Tim Greer Blindern Rugby Klubb
15. Sam Hedger Sunnmøre Rugby Klubb
16. David Hume Bergen Rugby Klubb
17. Tommy Kjøniksen Fredrikstad Rugby Klubb
18. Pascal Raclin Oslo Rugby Klubb
19. Sakaraia Ravonkula Bergen Rugby Klubb
20. Stian Røstberg Bergen Rugby Klubb
21. Eirik Salvesen Lie Bergen Rugby Klubb
22. Fredrik Skovly Oslo Rugby Klubb
23. Andre Slaatta Bergen Rugby Klubb
24. Viliame Tirikula Oslo Rugby Klubb
25. Michal Urbanski Bergen Rugby Klubb
26. Axel Wilhelmsen Oslo Rugby Klubb
27. Kristian Ytterdal Elgheim Fredrikstad Rugby Klubb


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